We Worship the Ways of God and we Know God Inwardly by means of the Eternal Life

We need to learn to worship the ways of God and know God inwardly by means of the eternal life. God delights in His people seeking to know Him, and we as believers in Christ need to know God subjectively and intimately, first by knowing God and His ways and then by knowing Him by […]

Christ is Enlarging His Body by Working on us through the Process of Resurrection

It is truly wonderful to realize that the building up of the church as the Body of Christ is the increase of Christ in us, His believers, and this increase is actually our growth in life; the way Christ enlarges His Body is through the process of resurrection. Christ Himself is building up His church, […]

God’s Intention is to have a People Formed into an Army Fighting for His Interests

In Exodus 30:1-10 we see a revelation of the golden incense altar, and in 11-16 we see something called “the expiation silver”. There must be a reason that these records are placed so close together: there must be a connection between the incense altar with the intercession of Christ, and what is described for the […]

Enjoying the Blessing of Light becoming Life through the Function of the Word of God

The function of the word of God is the operation of God Himself, and when we come to God’s word as His loving seekers, we receive God’s blessing. The Lord is training us to be His loving seekers, those pure in heart and single in focus only for Him, so that we may enjoy the […]

Seeing that the Flesh is the Leading Enemy Frustrating us from Going on with the Lord

In Exodus 15 we see the song of praise the children of Israel sang after Pharaoh and his armies were swallowed by the Red Sea; in Exodus 17 we see a picture showing the continual war with Amalek. Exodus 17 is after Exodus 15, and the war in Exodus 17 is after the victory in […]

God’s Purpose for the Church: having the Sonship, Dealing with Satan, and Heading up

One of the most central matters in our Christian life and the desire of God’s heart is the church as the Body of Christ. These following weeks on the blog we will enjoy and dive into the matter of the Vision, Practice, and Building up of the Church as the Body of Christ (based on […]

Be Satisfied with Normal Days under the Divine Dispensing for God’s image and Dominion

God’s original intention in creating man in His image and according to His likeness will be fulfilled in the millennium with the overcomers and ultimately in the New Jerusalem with all of God’s people who would have been transformed, renewed, and fully glorified to express God and represent Him corporately. Right now, we are in […]