In Christ and By the Organic Union with God we are Sons of God and Sons of Abraham

When you read the story of Abraham, how God called him and promised him a seed which fulfills God’s purpose, you may be “happy for Abraham” but may wonder what does this have to do with you. Abraham was a Hebrew, a Jew, someone called out by God and chosen by Him to be part […]

In Our Organic Union with Him, Christ’s Experience is Our Experience for the Church

All the genuine believers in Christ are organically joined to the Triune God in their spirit. Through believing into Christ we have been joined to Him in spirit, and now we are one spirit with the Lord (1 Cor. 6:17). Through baptism we have been cut off from the world, the past, and anything of […]

God Created Man in His Image and According to His Likeness for Man to Express God!

On the sixth day of God’s creation and process of restoration He created man in His own image and according to His likeness (see Gen. 1:26). God’s creation of man was more particular than His creation of any other thing: there was a council held in the Three of the Godhead, and the result was […]

The Spirit Himself Witnesses with Our Spirit that We are Children of God

 Romans 8:16 is such a precious and rich verse in the Bible, showing us that the Spirit is with our spirit, witnessing with our spirit that we are children of God. First of all, this shows us that God went through a process to become “the Spirit”, and now God as Spirit is in and […]

We Worship the Enthroned Christ but we Enjoy the Indwelling Christ as our Everything

In Colossians we see a high revelation of Christ as our life and our everything. In his completing ministry, Paul shows us an all-inclusive Christ as the reality of all the positive things, and especially in Colossians we see that this Christ is our life. Somehow, the Christ who fills all in all, the one […]

The Real Significance of Prayer: Contacting God in Our Spirit to Absorb God!

What is the real significance of prayer? Is prayer the utterance of our need for help from God? Is prayer merely us praying to the Lord by opening our heart and telling Him everything? Is prayer a conversation with God? Is prayer a monologue in which you talk and you hope that God is listening? […]

we are joined to the Lord as one spirit, and now we live a life in our mingled spirit

Just as the branches in the vine absorb all the riches of the vine and bear fruit, so we as branches in Christ the vine absorb all the riches of Christ! We have been rooted and grounded in Christ, we are one spirit with the Lord, and we need to remain here in this organic union absorbing all the riches of Christ into our being. In this organic union, in this eternal kiss between God and man in our mingled spirit, we are made one with God and we are blended together in life organically to be one spirit! [continue reading online this portion concerning living one spirit with the Lord practically]