The One Accord is the Key to Enjoy every Spiritual Blessing in the New Testament

The one accord is the master key to all the blessings in the New Testament, and God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies in Christ (Eph. 1:3). Our God is a blessing God, and we are under the blessing of God in our Christian […]

We need to Enjoy the Eternal Blessing of the Triune God and the Blessing of Life

Our God is a God of blessing, and in Num. 6 we see the eternal blessing of the Triune God – the threefold blessing of Jehovah to His people, which the dispensing of the Triune God in His Divine Trinity into us for our enjoyment. It is quite astonishing to realize that our God is […]

Oneness is a matter of Sinking Deeply into the Triune God until We’re Mingled with Him

It is quite interesting to see how the oneness in the Triune God is typified by the oneness as seen in the tabernacle in Exodus 26, especially in the gold overlaying the standing boards and causing them to be one – this shows us that oneness is nothing else but sinking deeply into the Triune […]

Being Perfected into One by Gaining More God as Gold: Oneness is in the Triune God!

Genuine oneness is not mere unity – oneness is a matter of sinking deeply into the Triune God until we are fully overlaid with Him as gold; our problem is that we are short of God, and our need is to gain more God as gold so that we may be perfected into one for […]

Keeping the Oneness of the Spirit by Practicing the One Accord in the Church Life

It is crucial for us in the church life to keep the oneness of the Spirit by practicing the one accord. In John 17:21 the Lord prayed and aspired that all His believers would be one; He then later became the Spirit in His resurrection and breathed Himself into the disciples and then poured Himself […]

Being Mingled with God and Sinking Deeply into God to Build up the Church in Oneness

It is so enlightening to see the intrinsic significance of the materials of the temple and to realize that God desires a building – the church as the temple of God, and for this we need to have certain experiences of Christ in the Body and for the Body, so that God would gain what […]

Taking the Lead to Stand on the Unique Ground of the Church, the Ground of Oneness

Ever since the Lord Jesus was raised from the dead and became a life-giving Spirit which was both breathed into His disciples for their living and poured out upon them as power for their work, there is such a thing in this universe called, the church. God has on earth not only a group of […]