The Lord needs the Truths of His Recovery to Spread to the Whole Earth for His Return

The Lord needs the truths of His recovery to spread to the whole earth for the restoration of all things and the Lord’s return. We need to be those who cooperate with the Lord to spread the divine truths and see a vision of the world’s ultimate situation, God’s ultimate move, and the Lord’s ultimate […]

What is truth? We need to know what truth is and what is the reality in this universe

Today we are so fortunate and privileged to be under the ministry of the age, which has inherited all the truths recovered and uncovered in the Bible throughout the ages. When it comes to “cutting straight the word of the truth”, it is not MY portion to do so, but what we can do is enjoy the Word, enjoy the opening of the Word, and re-speak the truth! O, that the truth may be constituted into us and become part of us, even our reality, to make us real!