We are the Continuation of Acts, the Continuation of Christ as the members of His Body

Today we are in the continuation of the book of Acts: the word of God is still growing and being multiplied for the increase of Christ, the continuation of Christ, and there is a corporate living of the perfected God-men to be the reality of the Body of Christ. The same divine stream that flowed […]

Living the Life of a God-man According to the Lord’s Model by Living in the Spirit

The disciples of Christ who followed Him throughout His ministry on earth were discipled by Him through His living, words, and actions. Later, after the Lord died and resurrected, He returned to them as the life-giving Spirit and came into them by breathing Himself into them; now the Spirit of life guides all of Christ’s […]

A Priest lives the God-man life by Living in the Mingled Spirit to Express Christ

“The focus of God’s economy is the mingled spirit, the divine Spirit mingled with the human spirit (Rom. 8:4)” – this statement is of tremendous importance in our Christian life. Many believers have missed the aim of God’s purpose for their life simply because they don’t see that all our experiences of God are in the […]

Serving God as Priests by Knowing our Spirit and Living in our Mingled Spirit

All the regenerated believers in Christ are priests to God, and the primary matter related to a priest is that he is one who contacts God, is filled with God, is saturated with God, and lives a life in the mingling of God with man. A priest is one who serves God in all his […]

Experiencing Christ Day-by-Day as Righteousness, Sanctification, and Redemption

It is of God that all the born again Christians are in Christ Jesus, who became wisdom to us from God: both righteousness and sanctification (holiness) and redemption (glory) (see 1 Cor. 1:30). All the believers in Christ are part of the church, and God’s purpose for the church is first that it would have […]

Living by the Spirit in the Church Life to be in Reality the Kingdom of God Today

The kingdom is the reality of the church and the genuine church is the kingdom of God in this age. God wants to bring in His kingdom into humanity and bring man into His kingdom, and in this age God’s kingdom is manifested as the church. When we believed into the Lord Jesus and received […]

There are Two Sources issuing in Two Kinds of Living in our Christian Life

In Genesis 21 we see two wells: the well of Abraham and the well of Ishmael. A well is the source of man’s living, supplying man with water for his daily life. The two wells in Genesis 21 signify two sources of living. The first well, Abraham’s well (which later became the well of Isaac […]