Six Simple Ways to Cooperate with Christ’s Goings Forth in Our Being

Six Simple Ways to Cooperate with Christ's Goings Forth in Our BeingChrist’s goings forth are from eternity (Micah 2:5) and onto the bridge of time (John 1:1, 14), and eventually He will go forth with all His believers into eternity forever (John 1:51).

If you look at the history of man, you will see how Christ came out of eternity into time through incarnation, how He accomplished His redemption, He became the Spirit, and He is propagating Himself now all over the earth through all the members of the Body of Christ.

You can say that these are “Christ’s outward goings forth“, and the book of Acts show us how Christ is being propagated through His disciples unto the uttermost parts of the earth.

But what about Christ’s goings forth inwardly? What about Christ’s goings forth in our being? Sometimes for the Lord is easier to go forth from one city to another or from one country to another, than for Him to go forth in our being.

What about our mind, emotion, and will? Is Christ able to spread from the beachhead in our spirit to all the parts of our inner being?

There are at least six simple ways of cooperating with the Lord’s goings forth inwardly, in our being.

1. Our Heart Needs to Be Open to Him

In Rev. 3:11 we see that the Lord is at the door of our heart, knocking, and our heart needs to be open to Him. Many times our heart is closed to the Lord, being occupied with many other things.

Every day we need to turn our heart to the Lord, especially by breathing spiritually with many simple and short prayers.

Lord Jesus, I love. Lord, I really love You. Lord, I open to You today. Fill me right now. Before I am about to do so many other things, I want to give You the first place. Lord, have the preeminence in me!

By offering the Lord simple and short prayers, we become more open to Him. These mean a lot. Don’t be closed to the Lord.

2. Love the Lord Supremely

We need to have an intimate, personal, and affectionate relationship with the Lord. Daily we need to cultivate our relationship with Him and spend intimate time with Him in His Word.

We need to tell the Lord how much we love Him, and we need to spend personal, private, affectionate, and intimate time with Him to enjoy Him. We just need to let Him love us and then love Him back.

When we love Him, He loves us, and the Triune God appreciates and honors His lovers – He comes to make an abode with them! Lord Jesus, we love You!

3. Keep the Lord’s Word

The Lord loves and appreciates the one who keeps His word. We need to not only read the Word of God but also say Amen to His Word!

When the Lord speaks something to us, we simply need to say, Amen, Lord! When we agree with the Lord’s Word, He gains a little more ground in us.

A little Amen to the Lord’s speaking means a lot!

It is not that easy to Amen God’s word, since we have certain preferences, desires, ideas… but when we keep God’s word by saying Amen to His speaking, when we obey His word, the Lord will gain more ground in us and He will go forth deeper in our being.

4. We Need to be Strengthened in our Inner Man

Our spirit needs to be vitalized – our inner man needs to be strengthened with power through the Spirit (Eph. 3:16). Many times our spirit, the beachhead of Christ in our being, is not in the best condition.

Sometimes our spirit is not that living, vital, or sensitive. We need to pray over Eph. 3:14-19, asking the Lord to strengthen us with power through His Spirit in our inner man, so that Christ may make His home in our heart through faith!

When our spirit is strengthened, Christ can make His forth in our heart, and He can go forth in our being.

5. We Need to Exercise Faith

Can you “feel” or “see” how Christ makes His home in our hearts? No, you can’t: it is through faith! Christ makes His home in our heart through faith.

Actually, we don’t see much progress in Christ’s goings forth in us, but we are in faith, we believe, and we trust in the Lord! No matter our feelings and our outward circumstances, we need to look at the Lord and have faith in Him!

The life which I now live I live in faith (Gal. 2:20) – the linking faith, the faith which organically joins us to the Triune God! Whether we feel it or not, we believe that Christ is going forth in us!

6. Allowing our Outer Man to be Broken Through the Cross

We have a treasure in our earthen vessel, and the excellency is of God, not of us (2 Cor. 4:16). Our earthen vessel often becomes a hindrance to the manifestation of the glorious treasure in us.

We need to allow the cross to operate in our being so that our outer man and our soul life would be broken and put aside, and Christ would have a thoroughfare in our being.

The outer man needs to be broken through the cross, and the self needs to be denied, so that Christ may have an unhindered way to go forth in our being.

When the outer man is broken, Christ has access to every part of our inner being that He may spread and go forth!

Learning to Practice These Things

Christ’s goings forth are so practical and real – He is not only going forth outwardly in history, but also inwardly in our divine history within the human history. Every day and even every moment Christ wants to go forth in our being.

We need to learn to cooperate with Him that He may have an unrestricted access to all the inward parts of our being, so that He may go forth, saturate, and spread into every part.

The more we learn to practice these six simple and practical ways to cooperate with Christ’s goings forth in our inward being, the more Christ can constitute us to be His bride and He will obtain the New Jerusalem, His consummate dwelling place for eternity!

Lord Jesus, go on in us! We want to just open our heart to You. Lord, we love You. We really love You. Speak to us, Lord, and cause us to say Amen to Your word. Lord, strengthen us into our inner man and make our spirit so living and vital! Break through in us, Lord, and have a free way in our being!

References and Further Reading

  • Sharing inspired from brother James Lee’s sharing in the message, as partly quoted in the Holy Word for Morning Revival on, Crystallization-Study of the Minor Prophets, week 9 (entitled, Christ’s “Goings Forth” from the Days of Eternity).
  • Buy this morning revival book online via Living Stream Ministry.
  • Hymns on this topic:
    # What a wonderful change in my living is wrought / By saying Amen to God’s Word. / More of Christ into me at each instance is brought / By saying Amen to His Word.
    # I bow my knees unto the Father / That He would grant you / To be strengthened with pow’r through His Spirit / Into the inner man.
    # Little by little, / The Lord is cutting off all our natural life; / As we grow in Him, / He replaces us with more of His life divine.
  • Picture credit: the road leading to Little Britain Lake ( by me).

simple ways of loving the Lord with our first love by giving Him the first place

simple ways of loving the Lord with our first love by giving Him the first placeThe church in Ephesus was a “good church” – it was an orderly and a formal church, but God had something against it, that it has left its first love toward the Lord (Rev. 2:4-5). We can be good Christians, church-going believers, and we may read the Bible regularly and claim we are Christians before men – but we may not love the Lord with our first love.

The Lord as our Husband bethrothed us to Himself when we were regenerated, and He wants us to love Him with our first love. He doesn’t want us to “do a lot of things for Him”, but that rather we would love Him and then whatever we do it will be so pleasant to Him. Lord, rekindle our love for You!

loving the Lord Jesus with our first love

When we love someone, we want to hear his voice and spend time with him. The Lord Jesus is our first love, our only love, and we love Him – we want to hear His words, we want to spend time with Him, and we want to tell Him that we love Him! I love this quote from brother Lee in, The Overcomers,

When we wake up in the morning, the first thing we should do is say, “O Lord Jesus. O Lord Jesus.” It is better to add, “I love You.” We should say, “O Lord Jesus, I love You. O Lord Jesus, I love You.” How intimate, how sweet, and how affectionate this is! (The Overcomers, pp. 30-31)

In our Christian life and in our church life everything we do must be governed by our love for the Lord. We may not say certain things, do certain things, or go to certain places because we love the Lord. We just love Him, and out of love for Him we cannot do or say some things. We need to recover such a love, our first love for Him, which is our best love for Him.

Loving the Lord with our first love is no only loving Him with the love we loved Him the first time, but with our best love. Our love for Him needs to grow and become better every day, until we just give Him the first place in everything.

consider the Lord as the first in everything

First of all, we need to realize that we don’t have love in ourselves – only God is love (1 John 4:16), and we need to love God and love the others by God as our love. The husbands are charged to love their wives – by God as their love. Only one Person is love and can love – it is Christ Himself.

Christ needs to become our love, fill our love, and love God and others through us as love. We need to learn to open to Him and allow Him to fill us with Himself as love. We need to give Him the first place, the preeminence, in all things – He is the first. Christ must have the first place in us – He must have the preeminence (Col. 1:18).

How can we recover our first love for the Lord? It is firstly by giving Christ the first place in us, the preeminence in our being. We need to consider the Lord Jesus as the first in everything, making Him everything in our life. To leave the first love is actually to leave Christ, not taking Him as the first in everything.

When we give Christ the preeminence, our Christian life will be full of joy, and everything will be pleasant! We enjoy the Lord as grace as we love Him (see Eph. 6:24) and we are happy, full of joy, when we give Him the first place in everything! We need to overcome the loss of the first love by giving Christ the preeminence in us.

having morning revival every day

Another simple yet very practical way for us to love the Lord with our first love is to live a day-by-day life of morning revival. We need to wake up a little earlier in the morning to have personal, private, intimate, and spiritual time with the Lord to satisfy Christ by being His young men like the dew from the womb of the dawn (see Psa. 110:3).

This will make us those who have the tongue of an instructed one, and we will know how to sustain the weary with a word (Isa. 50:4-5), and it will bring us into a closer fellowship with God, seeking God’s will and His pleasure for His gospel service (see Mark. 1:35).

living a daily life of consecration

In the morning, we need to be revived and enjoy the Lord for His satisfaction, and every day we need to live a daily life of consecration – becoming today’s Nazarites. We need to be those who are separated unto God from anything common, unclean, and defiling, and we need to be saturated with God in all that He is in His riches.

This will make us those who bless the children of God by dispensing God in His Divine Trinity into them (see Num. 6:1-9, 22-27). Every day we need to give the Lord our fresh consecration, allowing Him more ground in our being, and being separated and saturated with Him!

living a life of prayer and musing on His Word

To love the Lord with our first love is to live a life of prayer (see 1 Sam. 12:23; Matt. 6:6; Dan. 6:10; 1 Tim. 2:1; 2 Tim. 1:3). In 1 Thes. 5:17 we have the charge to “pray unceasingly” – when we pray unceasingly, when we breathe the Lord in and converse with Him continually, we spontaneously love Him and give Him the first place.

To love the Lord with our best love is to love, treasure, and muse on the word of God. The Psalms are filled with the Psalmists desire and yearning to muse on God’s word, ponder on His precepts, read and listen to His word, etc (especially Psalm 119). When we muse on God’s word and we treasure it, we love the Lord more!

Lord Jesus, we love You! Recover our first love for You. We give You the first place, Lord, by faith – have the preeminence in us. Every morning, Lord, draw us to spend time with you and be the young men like the dew of the morning. Lord, we consecrate ourselves to You to love You and give You the first place. Lord Jesus, we just love You. Increase our love for You, dear Lord Jesus!

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willingly offering ourselves to the Lord to water Him in the day of His warfare

willingly offering ourselves to the Lord to water Him in the day of His warfare Psalm 110:3 says, Your people will offer themselves willingly in the day of Your warfare, in the splendor of their consecration. Your young men will be to You like the dew from the womb of the dawn. In the day of the Lord’s warfare in His heavenly ministry He needs to be watered and refreshed by the dew. The ones who offer themselves willingly to the Lord become something refreshing to Him, and their consecration is not in vain but it is beautiful, splendid, and so precious to the Lord. We want to be those produced as the dew in the womb of the dawn for refreshing Christ in His fight to defeat Satan and terminate this age.

Your people will offer themselves willingly

Today Christ is in His heavenly ministry fighting to destroy His enemies and end this age – Christ today still needs a footstool. In the day of His warfare we can offer ourselves willingly to the Lord in the splendor of our consecration. This is optional – it is voluntary; it is not mandatory or forcefully. We just open, offer ourselves freely to the Lord, and willingly give ourselves to Him. Even in the degradation of the church, there are some who offer themselves willingly to the Lord in the beauty, the splendor of their consecration.

Lord Jesus, I still love You!” was something uttered by brother John Nelson Darby one day when he was in his old age, as he was living a life in the principle of, “O the joy of having nothing, being nothing, seeing nothing, but a living Christ in glory, and His interest here on earth“. Thousands throughout history offered themselves freely to the Lord, and it is our priviledge and our opportunity to grasp and make us of today that we would willingly consecrate to Him for His purpose. We love the Lord, we love His interest here on earth, and we want Him to return – we need to consecrate ourselves afresh to Him today.

the splendor of their consecration

We offer ourselves to the Lord in the splendor of our consecration – this word “splendor” is translated also as “adornment”. The splendor of our consecration is our adornment. We need to be adorned by daily offering ourselves willingly to the Lord – this will beautify us, adorn us, with a divine and heavenly splendor. To the world it may mean nothing – they may even consider it as a waste; to the Lord it is the splendor and adornment of consecration, something so refreshing to Him. May we choose to be adorned with much consecration, much freewill offering of ourselves to Him, to become precious in His sight and refreshing in the day of His warfare.

like the dew from the womb of the dawn

Every poetical expression in this verse is full of meaning and implications. Our willing consecration is like the dew coming from the womb of the dawn to water and refresh the Lord. Christ enjoys seeing the splendor of those who willingly offer themselves to Him and He is watered by their consecration. This consecration is like “the dew from the womb of the dawn” which may imply that we need to rise up early in the morning to spend time with the Lord and enjoy Him personally. If we don’t wake up early to spend time with Him we may miss the opportunity to be produced as the dew from the womb of the dawn.

We know that Christ is all-inclusive, He is the Victor, He has passed through such a marvelous process, and He has accomplished so much – yet here we see that He likens Himself to a plant that needs the mild, soft, and gentle dew. We need to see that even our time with the Lord in the morning is NOT ONLY for our own watering, nourishment, and enjoyment – it is for the Lord to be refreshed and watered. He is fighting today, and He needs our fresh consecration every morning to refresh Him and cause Him to lift up His head in victory. If we are those who voluntarily ourselves to Christ as an offering we are a young man likened to the dew from the womb of the dawn to refresh Christ.

Lord Jesus, we want to be the dew conceived and produced by the womb of the morning for You to be watered and refreshed. We love You, Lord, and we want to offer ourselves willingly to You today. Lord, we refresh our consecration to You right now, giving You more ground in our being by faith. May we be adorned with the splendor of our consecration and may You be refreshed with our willing offering. Lord, we want to water You and refresh You in the day of Your warfare!

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overcoming the loss of the first love by giving the Lord the preeminence in all things

overcoming the loss of the first love by giving the Lord the preeminence in all things [picture source: I love Jesus!]In Revelation chapters 2 and 3 we see the Lord’s speaking to the seven churches in Asia, and the first one of these is the church in Ephesus. On the one hand this church was good outwardly, but the Lord tells her, “But I have one thing against you, that you have left your first love” (Rev. 2:4). The source of all degradation in the church is leaving our first and best love for the Lord. Everything negative comes out of this – the missing, the leaving, the losing, of the first love. We need to learn to recover the loss of the first love toward the Lord by giving Him the first place, the preeminence, in all things!

our God is an affectionate God

God is to us not only the Creator, the Redeemer, the Savior, and not even only the Shepherd of our souls – God is to us in Christ a God full of love, an affectionate God, a God who has fallen in love with us. God fell in love with man and He became a man to come and court us, woo us, draw us, and bring us to Himself that we may love Him. Now if anyone says, “O Lord Jesus, I love You!” he will fall in love with the Lord! God loves us, and whenever we open to Him, He pours out His love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that we may love Him (Rom. 5:5).

overcoming the loss of the first love

We all have to admit that, even though we love the Lord, we may not love Him with our first love, our best love. We may be good Christians outwardly, enjoying the Lord regularly, being proper believers in the church life, but what about our love for the Lord? The word “first” in Rev. 2:4 is the same Greek word as “best” in Luke 15:22 – our first love toward the Lord is not only the love we had for Him when we first fell in love with Him, but it is the best love we have for the Lord! We need to recover our first love for the Lord that we may love Him with the best love and be saved from any degradation!

God is love (1 John 4:8, 16) – in the whole universe, only God is love. We can love God because He loved us first, and He poured out His love in our hearts. It is impossible for us to love our spouse, our family members, or the people around us with our own love – only God is love, and we need Him to fill our capacity of love with His love, the real love. We need to ask the Lord to constrain us with His love, visible force us with His affection, so that we may love Him more. Many times during the day we need to tell Him, Lord Jesus, I Love You!

giving Christ the first place, the preeminence

One very simple way to overcome the loss of the first love for the Lord is to give Christ the first place, the preeminence, in all things. The Bible begins with, “In the beginning, God …” (Gen. 1:1), and Colossians tells us that Christ must have the first place, the preeminence, in all things (Col. 1:18). In order for us to love the Lord with the first and best love, we need to consider the Lord Jesus as the first in everything. In God’s eyes and in God’s economy, Christ is the first – but what about in our personal universe, in our decisions, considerations, emotions, living, walking, speaking, attitude, and in all our being?

Since the loss of the first love is the source, the origin, and the cause of the degradation in the church, we need to be desperate to learn to give Christ the first place in everything in our life. We need to talk to the Lord and converse with Him, asking Him how He feels about the little details of our life. Lord Jesus, what do You think about the shirt I’m wearing? Lord, how do You feel about my relationship with this person? Lord, is my speaking pleasing to You? Lord Jesus, what about my attitude toward my parents, classmates, workmates, and my boss? Lord Jesus, I give You the first place in all the aspects of my life and living!

guarding ourselves from idols

The last verse of John’s first epistle is, “Little children, guard yourselves from idols” (1 John 5:21). If we do not love the Lord with the first love, there will be many other things, matters, and persons coming in which will occupy us and draw our attention. People may say that they don’t have time to spend with the Lord, but they spend hours on Facebook or on the phone with their friends. Our sticky heart is so easily distracted, ready to attach itself to something – let us set our heart on the Lord and love Him by giving Him the preeminence in all things! May He be the only One who occupies and possesses us!

Lord Jesus, we want to cooperate with You to recover our first love toward You! We give You the first place in all things by faith. Oh, Lord, may nothing and no one take Your place in all our heart, our living, and our time! In all the aspects of our living, in our relationships, in our speaking, and even in out attitude – Lord, be the first! We give You the preeminence. Keep us checking with You about everything – just conversing with You and talking to You!

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the highest and fullest experience of God is taking God as our dwelling place

the highest and fullest experience of God is taking God as our dwelling placeIn Psalm 90 we see the fact that the saints can dwell in God – we can take God as our habitation, our eternal dwelling place! In Psalm 91 we see the way for us to dwell in God – by being identified with Christ, which requires us to abide in Him. Psalm 92 describes the glorious issue of our dwelling in God and taking God as our dwelling place. The highest and the fullest experience of God is taking God as our habitation, our dwelling place! This experience is in degrees and it belongs to all of us – we all can enter into the highest and fullest experience of God – God as our dwelling place!

the highest and fullest experience of God

Enosh called on the name of Jehovah, Enoch walked with God, Abraham had a meal with God, and David cared for God’s heart to build the house of God, but no one except Moses could utter such a statement, Jehovah, You have been our dwelling place in all generations. The God Enosh called on, Enoch walked with, Abraham had a meal with, and David built a house for – is actually our dwelling place! Calling on the Lord, walking with Him, having a meal with Him, and building a house for God are very good experiences, but the fullest experience and the highest experience of God is dwelling in God!

Moses spent 40 days and 40 nights on the mountain with God, and he really experienced God as his dwelling place! God is not “our motel” or “our six star hotel”, but a place where we can make our home, our dwelling place! Most of our experience and enjoyment of the Lord is very short-lived – 20-30 minutes, but God wants us to DWELL IN HIM! He wants us to spend much time with Him – in every aspect of our living, from the morning to the evening, we need to contact the Lord and dwell in Him. If we have the realization that God is our dwelling place, we will be revolutionized in our living!

How can we dwell in God?

The key to us dwelling in God is Christ – it is Christ who dwells in God, and we can dwell in God by being IN Christ! Col. 2:6, As therefore you have received Christ, Jesus the Lord, walk in Him! By believing into the Lord Jesus Christ, we receive Him and we are brought into an organic union with Christ. We now daily eat Christ, taking Him in by enjoying Him constantly. Let us therefore walk in Him! We have been brought into a realm – Christ as the embodiment of God realized as the life-giving Spirit opens an all-inclusive realm, and He wants us to walk in Him by being organically united to Him!

To dwell in God is to have our whole living in Him. Our entire being, from morning to evening, needs to be in God! Start in the morning when you wake up – Lord Jesus, thank You for a new day! I Love You, Lord! When you wash your face tell the Lord, O, Lord, I want to wash my face with You! All the day long, thank the Lord, praise the Lord, pray to Him, apply Him to every matter and situation. Our real life is hidden with Christ in God (Col. 3:3) – we need to practice living in God! Our human life is temporal, fragile, mortal, and frail – but we can live and dwell in God, depending helplessly on Him!

four words related to abiding in God

The New Testament is full of verses encouraging us to abide in Christ (John 15), live in Christ, walk in Christ, have our whole being in Christ, and be one with Christ. Related to our dwelling in God, there are at least four words that explain it and show how this is to us:

  1. “IN” – Greek, EN. if anyone is IN Christ. Our position matters – where are you? Not only what are you doing, but where are you? We are in Christ – it is of God that we are in Christ Jesus!
  2. “ABIDE” – Greek, MENO, implying remaining. This is not a light word, it is not a short stay, but a long term remaining. We need to abide in Christ as the vine (see John 15:5).
  3. “DWELL” – Greek, OIKEO, meaning dwelling, making our home. 1 Cor. 3:6 says that the Spirit of God dwells in us, making His home in us. God is our dwelling place and we are His dwelling place.
  4. “MAKE HOME DEEPLY”, Greek, KATOIKEO, referred to in Eph. 3:17. Christ wants to make His home deeply down in our heart; He wants to be rooted and firmly homed in our heart, in all our being.

We are IN Christ, we need to ABIDE in Christ, we need to DWELL in God (as He dwells in us), and we need to further allow Christ to make His home deep down in our heart! There are many ways the Bible reveals we can do this – by obeying the teaching of the anointing within (1 John 2:27), by keeping God’s commandments and being submissive to God, by eating the hidden Christ as the hidden manna, by daily getting into the constant Word to obtain the Rhema Present Word of God, by loving the Lord, always rejoicing, and giving thanks, and by bearing much fruit! Praise the Lord for out identification with Christ to abide in God!

[sharing inspired from message 4 given by brother James Lee in the 2011 winter training on, Crystallization Study of Psalms (2), on the topic, The highest and fullest experience of God – taking God as our habitation, our eternal dwelling place. What a rich portion! Read a similar sharing via, The Highest and Fullest Experience of God-Taking God as Our Habitation]

the desire of God’s heart is set on Zion with Christ – will you be an overcomer?

the desire of God's heart is set on Zion with Christ - will you be an overcomer?Zion is central on God’s heart because this is where Christ is installed King. God’s heart focuses on nothing but Christ – Matt. 17 tells us that Christ is God’s Beloved Son, the One in whom God’s heart is. Zion is beautiful in elevation, the joy of the whole earth (Psa. 48:1-2), the highest point in the city of Jerusalem, the place where the Holy of Holies is. Within Jerusalem there’s a city – the city of Zion – the highest peak, where Christ Himself is, and this peak is our spirit! Whenever we praise the elevated Christ, we automatically become part of the elevated city, Zion!

everything is for God to obtain Zion

We are saved for Zion, for the kingdom of God! The purpose of salvation, as revealed in the whole gospel of Matthew, is the kingdom of God. We are not just saved and restored but we are becoming people of the kingdom of God – we are being constituted with Christ Himself to become His enlargement, His house, His city, to be one with Him as His testimony on the earth! Christ is the King, and He as the life-giving Spirit is working Himself into us as the kingdom, so that He may be enlarged, expanded, and expressed through His people for His city and for the earth!

The focus of the Lord’s recovery is to make us the elevated peak, the holy city of Zion, by constituting us with Christ for the testimony of Jesus. In Matt. 16 we have “the Christ”, “My church”, “the keys of the kingdom”, and “bind on the earth” – Christ builds up the church (the house of God) which is the city of God (the kingdom of God) to gain the whole earth! For the Lord to gain Zion is a great matter – as we see this vision and we cooperate with Him to gain this elevated city, we become and live in this city, He has a way to genuinely take over this usurped earth!

His foundation is in the holy mountains

All the local churches on the earth are the holy mountains, and Christ is the unique foundation (1 Cor. 3:11). Christ is the living, organic, growing, spreading, and dispensing foundation – He makes us the same as He is! He is Holy and He makes us the holy mountains! By experiencing this Christ and His dispensing, by enjoying Him, we become the holy mountains. The holy mountains here are the many churches that are constituted with Christ as the Holy One. God’s city is constituted with nothing but Christ!

Christ is the living foundation, and this foundation grows! Usually a foundation is static, a base, with the house on top of it; but in 1 Cor. 3 we see that we are God’s cultivated land and we are the plants – but God gives the growth! Right after speaking about this, Paul continued with, Christ is the only foundation and we need to “bear fruit” with gold, silver, and precious stones! Christ is the living foundation, and the entire building comes out of this foundation – this foundation grows!

holding the Head is building on the foundation

How do we build on Christ as the foundation? It is by allowing Christ to make His home in our being (Eph. 3:14-17) so that He becomes the materials to build the church. God desires that we all would experience Christ and allow Him to make His home in our heart. Also, we need to hold Christ as the Head (Col. 2:19) – the foundation is the Head, and out of this foundation the living Body of Christ grows! The foundation is not under us but over us – Christ is the living, organic, moving, and dispensing foundation!

By holding Christ as the Head, we experience Him as the foundation! Oh, Lord Jesus, I love You! Lord, keep me one spirit with You every moment! – as we open to Him and enjoy Him in such a way, He is very busy to constitute us with Himself! The highest principle in the church life is holding Christ as the Head by giving Him the preeminence. Lord, You are Number One! You are my first and best love! We hold Him as the Head and love Him as the foundation, and He makes us the church, the pillar and base of the truth, His duplication! Awesome!

Jehovah loves the gates of Zion

Psa. 87:2 says that Jehovah loves the gates of Zion more than the tents of Jacob. The gates signify fellowship – God is faithful, who called us into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord (1 Cor. 1:9). We need to be “loaded with gates” – we are not for our own dwelling place but we are for the gates of Zion, God’s desire and His interest. He wants us to have a gate-life in the fellowship with the all-inclusive Christ and with all the saints in oneness!

1 Cor. 1:9 speaks of the fellowship with God, and v. 10 speaks of the fellowship with the saints, especially about seeking to have the oneness. Fellowship is related to oneness, and where there’s the gates of Zion, there’s oneness. To have the gates of Zion in our living, to live in fellowship, means that we’re in fellowship vertically with the Lord as the Head of the Body and horizontally with the saints as the Body of the Head. Zion is a fellowship city, and the New Jerusalem is loaded with gates! If we don’t have the gates of Zion, we are under the attack of the gates of Hades (see Matt. 16).

Glorious things are spoken of you, O city of God!

Because we are constituted with Christ to be the city of God, this will issue in the whole earth speaking good things about the city of God! The Lord needs not only the house for His rest and satisfaction but also the city for His dominion, a city full of Him as the living foundation and one with Him by being saturated with Him as the indwelling One, full of gates! Heb. 12:22 says that you have come to Mt Zion – every time we come to the Triune God in our spirit, we come to Mount Zion, the universal gathering! Lord, I want to be in my spirit moment by moment!

The key to becoming an overcomer is to give the Lord the preeminence, the first and best love! Loving the Lord, eating the Lord, and being His testimony (see Rev. 2) go together – this is the key to being an overcomer! We are not the super-giants spiritually (Rev. 3:8), but we have little power and don’t deny His name! It is out of the mouths of babes and sucklings that God has established praise (Psa. 8). Will You be an overcomer? AMEN! Will YOU make this choice? AMEN! Lord, make me an overcomer!

[sharing inspired from message 3 in the 2011 winter training on, The Crystallization-Study of the Psalms (part 2), given by brother Dick Taylor. Title: God’s desire for Zion with Christ. There’s so much more in this message, but this is just a little bit of the enjoyment… (read also a portion via, God’s desire is for Zion with Christ)]

experiencing Christ in the church life(short testimonies from some Christian Students in London)

This past university year we have enjoyed the Lord and experienced Him – whether in failures, defeats, or successes, we all learned to turn to Him and rely on Him, and we also learned how much we need the saints in the church life! Recently we had a “celebration meeting” where the students were overflowing with Christ – their experiences of Christ in the church life in London, UK. Here are some notes we took from this time – some very precious testimonies of a genuine experience of Christ:

  • This past university year I realized that early rising is very important – we need to rise up a little earlier to touch the Lord. Also, we need to be a man of prayer – prayer is better and stronger when you get up earlier in the morning… I can testify that in the morning I enjoy the Lord the most! The Father is waiting for us to turn to Him! When you get into the Word, it is almost as if time slows down and things go for the better! The more we do this, the more we grow in life and the more we are being perfected in order to express Christ! Those around you will notice and will trust you more and open up to you.(R.B)
  • Saints, I enjoyed everything in the church life! I enjoyed simply saying, Lord Jesus, I love You!
  • I met the saints 8 months ago when we read Rom. 10:12; I then went home and I was happy! I might have read it before but never enjoyed it. The Lord wants us to touch our spirit! We are the priests of the gospel of God, which explains the purpose of God. God is Spirit, and the Spirit gives us life.(R.L)
  • I enjoyed spending time with the saints, at least once a month! Though I may have been tired, when I got to the meeting, the saints and the singing lifted my spirit up! We gain so much when we come together with the saints! The saints complete us – we are like sheep, lost by themselves but with the others full and complete! The shepherd of our souls takes care of us! Also… Prayer works! The Lord answers our prayers as we pray to Him! God has a hearts desire and He needs some to pray this desire to Him! (O.E)
  • though we have struggles and fights with the Lord, He never gives up on us – He chose us and predestinated us! He loves us and we are precious in His eyes.
  • many times we choose the cheap wine, not the new wine… I feel very joyful each time I spend with the saints in the home meetings – the Lord is the new wine to us! The Lord went to the paralytic man and healed him – I’m like that man, I can’t help myself… We can believe – and He will change us. I just want to believe. I don’t know where I’m going and what I’m doing here – but I want to believe! (B.A)
  • My life here would be so boring if I didn’t know the saints! I enjoyed the atmosphere in the meetings – can you believe it: we are calling each other brothers and sisters!?! We are children of God, and we come together to express how much we love Him! Only God can do this!(K)
  • Since I came to London I enjoyed all the meetings with the saints! It was here that I learned how to pray in English… Also, at the meeting we all bring a portion to feed each other. I was touched about having vital companions – it is very important to be built up together… I experienced prayer – I need to pray for the brothers and sisters, by name… and now I have a burden for them to be built up with them!(C.W)
  • In the exams time I was forced to turn to the Lord – I found God as a source of encouragement! Every day we need to eat the Lord in the Word! I also enjoyed praying with the sisters over the phone – I noticed that I have a burden when I pray!(F.T)
  • This past gap year I was fully in the church life! (D.G)
  • When I called on the Lord’s name, I found peace. Maybe you don’t get the answer right away, but you turn to Him!
  • I feel like the Lord gave the saints to me to care for me!
  • I was touched that God loved us first – and we just need to love Him back!
  • Most of my week in the university was spent with the saints in meetings, lunches, being in Yp mtgs, and it was so precious… And helping the Yp enjoy the Lord! It’s so good that saints open their homes for the students!
  • The church life became “my church life” during this past year – though I was born in the church life, it is only now that it became MY CHURCH LIFE. I really enjoyed the sweet church life! (E.S)
  • Our joy as a family opening our home to the students is to have them over, no matter how many of them and no matter for how long! As I study and still enjoy the Lord, He did a lot for me to bring me to where I can do it!(P.C)
  • When you have a lot of problems, all I need to do is to enjoy the Lord! This is the only answer and the only solution – so eventually I just enjoyed the Lord! When you enjoy Him, the problems may even get solved! One thing is for sure, when you enjoy the Lord, the problem may still be there, but it doesn’t matter so much to you! We have a treasure in our vessel – we need to enjoy Him and enjoy His presence.(J.T)
  • God called us for His purpose! We need to be those burdened by the Lord to rise up early and enjoy the Lord, the pray with one a other during the day.
  • The vital group and getting together with the group to pray together – is the top enjoyment of this term(C.K)

We love the church life – eating, drinking, and breathing Jesus! May the Lord continue to keep us enjoying Him during the summer break – as the song says, Lord, keep my heart always true to You! Never backsliding – always viewing You! Thank You Lord for bringing us with the saints in the church life – where we can enjoy You, we can eat together, we can meet and pray for one another, and we can be built up! Gain the building up of Your Body even as we go through things and situations – and we turn to You together!