Crystallization Study of the Psalms(1) – the 2011 Summer Training Banners

This short article wants to present the full text of the banners for the 2011 summer training, general subject: Psalms(1), the Crystallization Study(the first part of the Crystallization-study on the book of Psalms). It is recommended that you buy the Morning Revival on the Psalms(Crystallization study) via the Living Stream Ministry website/store, read portions of enjoyment from the […]

what is in God’s heart for His people and what should our honest response be today

These days we started going through the Crystallization-Study of Isaiah(2), in the video training, and so here are some “gleanings” of what I enjoyed in the watching of the first message, entitled, Announcing the all-inclusive Christ, Jehovah the Savior, as the Glad Tidings. I was especially impressed in the opening word with this question – […]

Day by day, we are continuing steadfastly in the teaching and fellowship of the apostles

Today I was encouraged with the fact that we can continue steadfastly in the teaching and fellowship of the apostles. In the Lord’s recovery, we are being recovered back to the teaching of the apostles(the proper teaching of the New Testament concerning Christ and the church) and the fellowship of the apostles(the fellowship with God […]

sharing from the recent conference – Knowing the Crystallized Significance of the Body of Christ

After a wonderful weekend at the International Conference in Holland, the response in my being to the rich speaking we received on ‘Knowing the Crystallized Significance of the Body of Christ’ is a huge and resounding Amen. I quote the speaking brother “Lord, now after a quarter century we are here again“. Not since Stuttgart 1985, […]

enjoyment from the “Practice These Things, Be in Them” podcast on

A new podcast – no #18 – at the website! It is so encouraging to know that we are here not just to be preserved or kept from what the enemy is doing – but we’re here to multiply, to spread the gospel! Please find below some portions of enjoyment from this last podcast, entitled “Practice […]

What is the Lord’s recovery? We are being recovered to God’s original intention

Imagine that you received a letter from your father, detailing what he had envisioned for you in particular detail – everything he planned and arranged for you. Yet, this letter remained sealed, unopened, and the details remained unknown to you. In the absence of the knowledge of its contents, you may live your life outside […]

honoring the Lord by allowing the Holy Spirit to take the lead in what we do

If we look back at the way things were in the beginning, many times we are so exposed – we need to be recovered back to God’s original intention and His original way of doing things. We have been spoiled through years and centuries of human religion and tradition, and even our reading and our […]