Receiving the Supply of the Spirit by Being in the Body in Fellowship with the Saints

The element of our oneness in the church life is the anointing of the compound, all-inclusive, life-giving Spirit, and this Spirit is for the Body; for us to receive the supply of the Spirit, we need to be in the Body. In Exo. 30:23-25 we see that there was a compound ointment that was to […]

The Original Condition of the Church and the need for the Recovery of the Church

In order for us to recognize the need for the recovery of the church, we need to first know the original condition of the church and then see the degradation of the church. What is in God’s heart to have is the church, for the church is His corporate expression on earth, and the church […]

We need to Live the Body Life and Keep every Principle of the Body in the Church Life

If we cannot pass the test of the Body life, our spirituality is not genuine, for the Body life is the greatest test of our spirituality, and we as members of the Body need to live in the Body and keep every principle of the Body. As those living in the church age, we need […]

Being Body-Conscious by Caring for the Body and having Christ’s Feeling for the Body

The church is the Body of Christ, and we all are members of the Body; for the Lord’s move in His recovery both locally and universally, we all must be Body-conscious in one accord, always caring for the Body and doing what’s best for the Body. When we see the Lord Jesus for the first […]

God’s Final Recovery is the Testimony of the Reality of the Body of Christ Today

The tabernacle and the temple are the center of the Old Testament and the consummation of the New Testament, and both of these typify the church. First, it was the tabernacle, which was portable, movable, and transient; the tabernacle typifies God’s church on earth – the many local churches which are the expression of the […]

Experiencing the Divine Dispensing of the Divine Trinity to Practice the Church Life

After seeing a laser light exposure of the matter of the subduing of the soul for the release of the spirit so that we may have a proper church life, we now come to more practical matters related to our practicing of the church life. The church life is not for us to practice in […]

Entering into Full Fellowship with the Lord and with the Fellow Members of the Body

Jacob was selected and chosen by God even before he was born. However, throughout his life he schemed and struggled to obtain the birthright and the blessing, and he wanted to have his way with everyone – even though the blessing was his by God’s choice. He cheated on his brother Esau, tricked his father to give him […]