Seeing the Degradation of the Church from God’s Original Intention for the Church

When we see the original condition of the church and the degradation of the church, we will realise the great need for the recovery of the church today. After the Lord Jesus died and resurrected, He came and breathed Himself into His believers and imparted the divine life into them to regenerate them for His […]

The Original Condition of the Church and the need for the Recovery of the Church

In order for us to recognize the need for the recovery of the church, we need to first know the original condition of the church and then see the degradation of the church. What is in God’s heart to have is the church, for the church is His corporate expression on earth, and the church […]

The Recovery of the Church in Relation to God’s Intention and Satan’s Destruction

What God desires to gain in this age is the church, and this week we want to see the original condition of the church, the degradation of the church, and the recovery of the church. According to Ephesians and to the experience of all those who seek God, there’s something hidden in the heart of […]

Everything shall live, Death is Healed, and Life Grows where the River of life Flows

Praise the Lord, everything shall live where the river of life flows from the house of God! This river produces trees with fruits, a lot of fish, and cattle, and this river waters and heals for the producing of life. As long as we have this river, our death is healed and everything shall live. […]

Being Willing to be Measured by the Lord for the Deepening and Increase of the Flow of Life

In order that the flow of life would increase in us and even become a river to swim in, we need to be willing to be measured by the Lord as the Man of bronze. In Ezek. 47 we see the river flowing from the house of God, and as the man measured one thousand […]

We need to Experience the Flow of Life out from the House of God for God’s Ultimate Move

In Ezekiel 47 we see something quite interesting and particular – the river of life flowing out of the house of God, and this week we will enjoy a deeper study on the flow of life with the ministry of life out from and for the magnificent house of God. Throughout the Bible there’s the […]

Ezekiel is a Book full of Humanity, showing how much God desires to have a Man!

The expression “son of man” is mentioned more than ninety times in Ezekiel, and the main material of God’s building seen by Ezekiel was wood; this week we want to see more concerning the son of man and the humanity of Jesus for God’s building. We have previously seen the matter of the Man on […]