having a richer understanding of the compound Spirit as we consider the numbers and ingredients

a richer understanding of the all-inclusive compound Spirit as you consider the numbers and measuresThere is so much included in the all-inclusive life-giving compound Spirit, which is THE SPIRIT today! We are used to “read the Bible” and then just take things for granted as we read them; but if we exercise our spirit and pay attention to what the Bible really says, putting the glasses of God’s economy on, and even looking into the details and why they were mentioned, we will be filled with light and revelation concerning God, His economy, and His Person! In the Old Testament there’s the type of the compounded ointment with specific spices, measurements, and ways of compounding and applying. In the New Testament we see the reality and the fulfillment of this type in the process Christ went through – to become the all-inclusive life-giving compound Spirit of Jesus Christ as the compound ointment to be applied to us as the church, the house of God! This ointment is compounded of a hin of olive oil(God Himself as the base) and four spices – myrrh(the precious death of Christ), cinnamon(the sweetness and effectiveness of Christ’s death), calamus(the precious resurrection of Christ), and cassia(the repelling power and the effectiveness of Christ’s resurrection). But this is not all – there are specific measurements and numbers being mentioned – what do they signify? This morning I enjoyed some of these deeper details that give a richer meaning and understanding of the compound Spirit and the ingredients we have in the Spirit! Here’s what Exo. 30:23-24 says again,

You also take the finest spices: of flowing myrrh five hundred shekels, and of fragrant cinnamon half as much, two hundred fifty shekels, and of fragrant calamus two hundred fifty shekels, And of cassia five hundred shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, and a hin of olive oil.

  • In the compound Spirit we have the unique God – the Only God, the Creator, is signified by the one hin(a complete unit) of olive oil(1 Tim. 1:17; Rom. 16:27). The base of the oil and the element that helps all the ingredients to blend together is the olive oil. The fact that God is the base and there are spices added to Him shows us that our God is not merely God with the element of divinity – He has been mingled and blended with other elements. Our God is a compounded God, a God who passed through a process and “picked up” some ingredients – God became a man, He put on human nature, He had a perfect human life, He died on the cross, He was resurrected, and He was ascended. After passing through this process of blending, compounding, the Spirit is no longer just “divine” – He also has the element of humanity, human living, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension added to Him! The base is God, but all these elements are added to Him – He’s an “enriched God“, a processed and consummated God, a “compound Spirit”!
  • In the compound Spirit we have the Triune God! How do we see this? There are four spices – the first and the last were each 500 shekels while the second and the third were 250 shekels. The measure of these spices show that although there are four spices, there are three complete units: the myrrh(500 shekels), the cinnamon + the calamus(250 + 250 shekels), and the cassia(500 shekels). The fact that the second unit was “split in half” is fulfilled / pointed out in the process Christ went through in His crucifixion – on the cross He was “split in two”, He was cut for us. The first unit typifies God the Father, the second unit God the Son(who was cut on the cross for us), and the third unit God the Spirit. How wonderful – the entire Triune God is included in the compound Spirit!
  • In the compound Spirit we have MAN, the creature – more specifically, we have the humanity of Jesus, the man Jesus. How can we see man here? There’s no mention of man! Well, the fact that there are FOUR spices indicates that man is present(as typified by number four)! Four in the Bible signifies God’s creation, of which man is the head; in Ezekiel and Revelation we see the four living creatures who have the one with the face of a man being the leading one. Man is typified by the four spices of the plant life – so man, the man Jesus with His perfect humanity, is included in the compound Spirit!
  • In the compound Spirit we see the mingling of divinity with humanity – we see this in the blending of the olive oil with the four spices(Rom. 8:16; 1 Cor. 6:17). God (as typified by the olive oil as the base) and man (as typified by the four spices) is mingled and blended together to form a compound ointment – The Spirit! In this Spirit we have both God and man, both divinity and humanity – which are mingled!
  • In the compound Spirit we have the power for responsibility – signified by number five(Matt. 25:2). Four spices PLUS one hin of olive oil equals five – a number which signifies responsibility for God’s purpose.
  • In the compound Spirit we have the building element – as signified by numbers three and five(see Gen. 6:15-16; Exo. 26:3). In the tabernacle most measurements are either three or five, or multiples of three and five. It is NOT coincidental that in the compound ointment these numbers are used again – the building element is included in the compound Spirit!

Praise the Lord for such an all-inclusive compound Spirit! The above elements are included in the Spirit – and so much more! What a rich meaning and what a rich enjoyment of the Spirit – when we know these matters! [portion inspired from the life-study of Exodus, messages 159 and 164, as quoted in the HWMR on The Central Line of the Bible]

Hallelujah for such a rich compounded Spirit! Thank You Lord for being the Spirit with divinity, humanity, God, man, the power for responsibility, and the building element! Lord, keep us turning to You in our mingled spirit to enjoy Your constant application of Yourself with all Your ingredients to us! Bring us into the experience of all these things, Lord, as we enjoy You and spend time with You! Even open our mind further to understand the deeper meaning and the richer significance of Your Word! Save us from skating on the surface – we want to really dive into the deeper truths in the Bible!

the compound Spirit includes the precious resurrection of Christ(calamus) and its repelling power(cassia)

Hallelujah for such a wonderful all-inclusive life-giving compound Spirit! In this Spirit – who “was not yet” at the time of the Lord Jesus was on the earth but who after His resurrection has been compounded and consummated – we have God, we have man, and we have the death and resurrection of Christ! Yesterday we saw that in the compound ointment in Exo. 30 there are myrrh and cinnamon, and today we enjoyed that in this ointment there are the fragrant calamus, the cassia, and the olive oil! We don’t have only the death of Christ included in this all-inclusive compound Spirit – we also have the resurrection of Christ with its preciousness and its power! The experience of Christ’s death – in the Spirit – brings us and ushers us into the experience of His resurrection! We don’t just “stay in His death” and “are conformed to His death”, but we also “know the power of His resurrection”!

Exodus 30:23 speaks of the fragrant calamus – this calamus signifies the precious resurrection of Christ(1 Pet. 1:3; Eph. 2:6; Col. 3:1). Calamus is a reed that shoots up from muddy places – it grows in a marsh or a muddy place, but it does not “stay in the mud”; rather, the calamus shoots up into the air! Calamus thus signifies the precious resurrection of Christ – shooting up and rising up from the death mud: Christ rose up from the place of death! The Lord was put into death situation, even into death, but in resurrection He rose up, He stood up, and He overcame death through His resurrection! After we experience the sweetness and preciousness of Christ’s death being applied to us by the Spirit – in our practical daily living – we spontaneously are ushered into resurrection to experience the “shooting up power” of Christ’s resurrection. Again, it is all in the Spirit – the preciousness of Christ’s resurrection is in the Spirit, the compound Spirit, which is mingled to our spirit!

The fourth spice is cassia – which belongs to the same family as cinnamon; cinnamon is from the inner part of the bark, while cassia is from the outer park of the same bark. Both are fragrant and sweet, and the tree they are taken from can grow in places where other plants can’t. In the old times, cassia was used as a “repellant” – to drive away snakes, insects, etc. This shows us that cassia signifies the power and the effectiveness of Christ’s resurrection. In His resurrection Christ didn’t just “rise from the dead”; He repelled all the evil insects – especially the old serpent, the devil! Only Christ’s resurrection can withstand and spread the aroma of Christ, a sweet fragrance, in any kind of situation and in any environment! We need to experience the effectiveness and the power of Christ’s resurrection in the Spirit! There are many “insects” and “snakes” coming to make our life and our living unpleasant and uncomfortable – when we exercise our spirit, we enjoy the repelling power of the Spirit and all the insects are repelled and sent away! Even more, there’s a fragrance, a sweet and fragrant atmosphere – an atmosphere of Christ – that is coming out of us and spreading in the environment!

All these four spices are blended into the one hin of olive oil – the Spirit of God – as the base. This olive oil signifies the Spirit of God who was produced through the pressure of Christ’s death, flowing out and being mixed with the four spices. Today the Spirit of God contains NOT ONLY God as Spirit, but also the perfect humanity of Christ(the four spices signify man, the creature), the sweetness of the death of Christ, the effectiveness of Christ’s death, and the precious resurrection of Christ with its repelling power! What we enjoy today when we call on the name of the Lord is a COMPOUND SPIRIT, an all-inclusive Spirit, that adds all these things to us and anoints us! This Spirit was compounded after Christ’s resurrection and now we can enjoy Him in a simple way – by turning to our spirit, exercising our spirit, and living in our spirit! [portion inspired from, the life-study of Exodus msg. 158 as quoted in, the HWMR on The Central Line of the Bible]

Thank You Lord for such a Spirit! In this Spirit we have the death and the resurrection of Christ! Praise You for Your precious resurrection, shooting up from any muddy place or any marsh! In all our situations, Lord, keep us enjoying Your precious resurrection! We cannot make it and we cannot “stand up” or “rise up” from our situation – but You can, as the calamus! Spring up in us! Keep us enjoying You as the compound Spirit so that all Your accomplishments would be applied to our being!