Our Spirit is a Mingled Spirit, and we need to Walk According to the Spirit daily

For the inward recovery of His people, God gives us a new heart and a new spirit, and He also puts His Spirit within us; now our spirit is a mingled spirit, and we can and should daily walk according to the spirit. First, in order for Him to come into us, He gives us […]

Being One with the Lord for His High and Awesome Move in His Economy on Earth

The wheels by the four living creatures were high and awesome; this means that, even though we may be small and not at all outstanding people, with us the move of God’s economy should be high and awesome. Furthermore, there should be a lot of sight in the church and among us, as we move […]

Learning to be Human Christians Living in a Jesusly Human Way by the Divine Life

The fact that the four living creatures in Ezek. 1 have the hands of a man under the wings of an eagle shows that we need to work and do things like a man, in a human way; Christian humanity refers not to our natural virtues but to Christ living in us as we live […]

Having the Increase of Christ Requires that we have the One Accord, the Master Key

After seeing the increase of Christ as His continuation in the gospel of John, in the book of Acts, and in the ministering life, this week we are enjoying the increase of Christ for the increase and spread of the church through the one accord with prayer, the Spirit, the word, and the homes. We […]

Being One with the Lord to Minister Life to others by our Life-giving Petition

The matter of the increase of Christ for the building up of the church is something very particular, touching on God’s heart’s desire to dispense Himself into man so that He may obtain a corporate expression. The increase of Christ is in us, the church, and the increase and spread of the church is the […]

All our Service in the Church must be Initiated by God According to His Desire

In serving God we need to take Him as the source of all our service: God has to be the originator, initiator, operator, motivator, and source of our service; our service should be initiated by God. As believers in Christ we are sons of Abraham, who is the father of faith; like our father, we […]

The Spirit of Jehovah with the Element of the Triune God in God’s Relation with Man

The matter of the Spirit of God in the Bible and in our experience has been greatly misunderstood and misapplied, leading to many superficial, superstitious, and even paranormal things that Christians would believe or think concerning the Spirit. We need to take a look at what the Bible says concerning the Spirit of God, and […]