We know the True One by Enjoying the Divine Reality and by being One with Him

All true seeking ones of God desire to know Him in a personal and subjective way, and as believers in Christ we know the True One – the divine reality – by experiencing, enjoying, and possessing this reality. Moses yearned and prayed that he would know God’s ways so that he may know Him; his prayer […]

Seeing a Vision of the Golden Incense Altar: Christ Praying, Christ Interceding

After seeing a colossal, unprecedented, and astounding revelation concerning the three elements of the new revival portrayed in the golden lampstand, this week we come to the golden incense altar. The type of the golden incense altar in the Old Testament is profound, the reality of this altar in the New Testament is marvelous, and […]

Being One with Christ in His Heavenly Ministry to Shepherd God’s Flock, the Church

In the previous articles we have seen what it means to shepherd according to God by taking a closer look at the pattern of the Lord Jesus and the pattern of the Apostle Paul. A pattern gives us a way practically how to do a certain thing, and the Lord Jesus lived out a God-man […]

Receiving the Divine Transmission and Being one with Christ to Respond in Prayer

It is so wonderful and encouraging to realize that Christ is in the heavens as our divine High Priest interceding for us, and He was appointed by God to care of us. He knows what we need; we think we know what we need, but Christ knows what our real need is, and He intercedes […]

Cooperating with our Ascended Head to Pray in Oneness with Him for His Glorious Church

If we see that Christ, the Head of the Body, has ascended and was exalted by God to the highest point in the universe, being given the name above every name and being made Lord of all, our prayer to the Lord will change. All believers in Christ need to have the clear realization that […]

Being One with our Ascended Head to Exercise His Authority as the Body of Christ

What Christ as a Man has accomplished and attained in His ascension is tremendous and amazing: He was inaugurated, exalted, and enthroned by God to be Lord of all, King of kings, and Head over all things in the universe to administrate the whole universe for God and accomplish God’s New Testament economy. As believers […]

Fighting for Our Birthright and being One with Christ to Redeem Other’s Birthright

All the believers in Christ have the birthright to enjoy God, express God, and represent God. However, not all the believers enjoy and exercise their birthright. Rather, there are many Christians who do not know about their birthright; there are many believers who are defeated, who have lost their birthright, and who live in spiritual […]