Tests of our Service to God, Bearing Responsibility, and being Faithful in Service

As those who are learning to serve God by letting God initiate and we cooperate, we need to see what are the signs of service from man and service from God, what are some tests of our service for God, and how we need to bear responsibility and be absolutely faithful in service to God. […]

Being Soaked and Saturated with the Lord, and being Joined to the Flow of Life

Previously I normally wake up 5:00am call on the LORD for at least 15 minutes, then get into the morning revival that my local church or brothers decided for us to enjoy. But I realized fifteen minutes calling on the Lord is not enough for me. So for about a year now I normally wake 3:00am to call […]

We need to Follow the Lamb wherever He may go and be Faithful to Him until the End

If we would fulfill the ultimate responsibility in God’s ultimate move, we need to follow the Lamb wherever He may go, seeking His leading and following Him on the journey ordained by Him, faithfully walking on it and being one with Him. On the one hand, Christ is the One enthroned in the heavens as […]

Laboring in Prayer with God to Bring in His Kingdom and Carry out His Will on Earth

The work of the church is to bring in the kingdom of God on earth, and the way the church accomplishes her work is through prayer; the church should pray to bring in His kingdom on earth, and thus be an outlet of the heaven, allowing heaven’s authority to be expressed on earth. The church, […]

Christ will come as the General with His Bride to Fight against Antichrist at Armageddon

According to Rev. 19:11-21, Christ will come as the fighting General with His bride (who is composed of the overcoming believers, who are His army) to fight against Antichrist, the kings under him, and their armies at Armageddon. In this age the Lord is working to build up the Body of Christ so that His […]

Being One with the Lord to Minister Life to others by our Life-giving Petition

The matter of the increase of Christ for the building up of the church is something very particular, touching on God’s heart’s desire to dispense Himself into man so that He may obtain a corporate expression. The increase of Christ is in us, the church, and the increase and spread of the church is the […]

Carrying out Christ’s Intercession in our Prayers of Intercession in Oneness with Him

It is both amazing and crucial for us to see and realize that the execution of God’s administration is motivated by the prayers offered to Him from the incense altar (see Rev. 8). In Rev. 6 the saints who were martyred pray from underneath the altar, asking the Lord desperately that He would vindicate and […]