We know the True One by Enjoying the Divine Reality and by being One with Him

All true seeking ones of God desire to know Him in a personal and subjective way, and as believers in Christ we know the True One – the divine reality – by experiencing, enjoying, and possessing this reality. Moses yearned and prayed that he would know God’s ways so that he may know Him; his prayer […]

Faith is to Believe that God is and we are Not; we live in an Organic Union with Him

It is indeed wonderful, relieving, and liberating to realize that faith does not originate from us: we cannot manufacture faith, we are not supposed to “try our best to believe”, but we simply need to open to the Lord and spend time with Him in His word, and there will be a reaction in us […]

The Triune God as the Anointing within is Teaching us Concerning Himself Subjectively

Praise the Lord, all the genuine believers in Christ have the anointing from the Holy One, and we all are being taught inwardly in a subjective way concerning the Triune God and His indwelling in us! In 1 John 2:27, after the Apostle John exposes who the antichrists were and what they say, we are […]

Shepherding According to God by being One with God to Shepherd According what He is

This week we are exploring the deeper meaning and implication of the expression, “shepherding according to God” in 1 Pet. 5:2. The Lord Jesus as the good Shepherd took good care of His sheep when He was on earth, and now in His heavenly ministry He still cares for us, His flock, by interceding for […]

In Christ and By the Organic Union with God we are Sons of God and Sons of Abraham

When you read the story of Abraham, how God called him and promised him a seed which fulfills God’s purpose, you may be “happy for Abraham” but may wonder what does this have to do with you. Abraham was a Hebrew, a Jew, someone called out by God and chosen by Him to be part […]

In Our Organic Union with Him, Christ’s Experience is Our Experience for the Church

All the genuine believers in Christ are organically joined to the Triune God in their spirit. Through believing into Christ we have been joined to Him in spirit, and now we are one spirit with the Lord (1 Cor. 6:17). Through baptism we have been cut off from the world, the past, and anything of […]

Walking with God by Faith to Escape Death and be Pleasing to God in Our Daily Life

No man has ever overcome death – the most powerful thing on this earth (besides God Himself) is death. But in Genesis we see that Enoch walked with God by faith, and he escaped death – he was raptured to God, never seeing death (see Gen. 5:22-24). Enoch obtained the testimony that he was well-pleasing […]