Being in the Stream of God’s Move Today – Our God is Always Advancing and Going On

Our God is a God that always flows, moves, and advances. The book of Acts records the move of God in man in the first 67 or so years, and this book has no end because the unique stream of the work of God continues to flow throughout the ages! God flowed from the eternity […]

seeing the age we live in, what we are, and what our goal as believers is

As believers in Christ we need to have a clear view concerning what age we live in, what is God doing today, what are we, what should we aspire to be, and what is our goal. We live in the age of grace, the last age, where God is still moving and He is accellerating […]

this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole inhabited earth for a testimony!

I am so encouraged with what the Lord is doing today! On the one hand we have the high peak truth and the high gospel – the complete gospel as revealed in the whole New Testament – and on the other hand we have a way to enjoy the Lord, practice the church life, build up the Body, and become the Bride of Christ! In His recovery the Lord is continually speaking – conference after conference, training after training, meeting after meeting, and even morning after morning as we spend time with Him. [continue reading online]