Christ as the Sevenfold Intensified Spirit Produces the Overcomers to Build the Church

After reading the Lord’s epistles to the seven churches in Rev. 2-3 we need to realize that today, in His ministry in the stage of intensification, Christ as the sevenfold intensified Spirit produces the overcomers, those who return to the orthodoxy of the church, overcome the degradation of the church, build up the Body of […]

Dwelling in God’s House by Praising Him and Having the Highways to Zion in our Heart

The goal of God’s salvation, provision, and revelation as seen in the book of Exodus is His building, the tabernacle; as believers in Christ, we need to go on with the Lord and experience Him as reality of all the furnishings of the tabernacle so that we may be part of His building, His heart’s […]

The Lord needs us to be the Overcomers who Build up the Body and Prepare His Bride

God’s purpose is to work Himself into man and mingle Himself with man to produce and build up the church as the Body of Christ, the organism of the Triune God who expresses Him and represents Him on earth. For this, He regenerated millions of people with His divine life, and He keeps working in […]

In our Spiritual Experience Mount Moriah Becomes Mount Zion, the Reality of the Body

The God of Abraham is our God, and Abraham’s experience of God needs to become our experience of God also. One of the deepest and highest experiences Abraham had of God was at Mount Moriah, where God instructed him to go and bring his son, Isaac, as a burnt offering to Him. God tested Abraham […]

Christ Intercedes for us and Speaks to us to Mend us and Make us His Overcomers

What the Lord desires to gain today is His overcomers. He Himself is the leading overcomer: He overcame and the Father gave Him to sit with Him on the throne. Now He is in us as the leading Overcomer and He wants to produce us also as His overcomers in this age. The mending ministry […]

Being the Shining Stars in this Dark Age, the Messengers in the Churches

In Daniel 12:3 we see that, “Those who have insight will shine like the shining of the heavenly expanse, and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars, forever and ever.” In the beginning of the New Testament Christ was the shining star, but at the end in Revelation 2 we see that there […]

God Needs to Gain a Dispensational Instrument for Him to Turn this Age!

What God desires today is to turn this age from the age of the church to the age of the kingdom. We are here on earth for this, and we are in the Lord’s recovery for such a high purpose – to be one with the Lord to turn the age from the age of […]