God wants to dispense Himself into us – it is so easy to receive Him! (2011 winter school of truth)

This Winter School I also enjoyed the matter of having a personal time with the Lord because if we don’t have a daily, intimate, personal time with Him, we will quickly slip back into our old worldly ways. Therefore, it is especially important to maybe just get up 10 minutes earlier or maybe in the morning when walking to school to pray to Him, confess our sins, and tell the Lord that we love Him. Although this may sometimes seem like “a chore” to us, eventually we will enjoy it so much that we look forward to spending this time with Him! [sharing by a young brother who recently attended the winter school of truth in London, UK]

a trainee’s testimony – the grace enjoyed by us meets the high standard of the training!

In the training I found out that a really high standard of living is required, and sometimes it seemed that I cannot do it… but especially in this environment of impossibility the Lord’s grace was applied! After experiencing such a supply of the Lord to reach such a high standard, the Lord started to be closer to me day by day. Oh it is really true that life grows by regulation! If there would not be these wonderful and necessary regulations for a proper humanity, there would not be as much profit as it is now! [continue reading this sharing online]

a trainee’s testimony – we need to develop deep roots in the Lord by spending time with Him

As Christians we are like little plants – we don’t have much power, but if we have deep roots in Christ we will be unshakable, immovable. Sometimes our roots are in something else than Him. As a result, we are easily shaken, and with any small situation we are blown off. Our roots may be in our campus work. It might be somewhat successful, with some promising contacts, but as soon as they begin missing the meetings or making excuses to have appointments we will collapse and be blown off. We may be enjoying the Lord, but as soon as we suffer some persecution from those with whom we study or work we are rapidly blown away. We need to be rooted in Him, but how? [continue reading online]

since we have an affectionate love for the Lord Jesus, our tongue is like the pen of a ready writer

since we have an affectionate love for the Lord Jesus, our tongue is like the pen of a ready writer ready to write our love for Him and our praise to Him with our experience and enjoyment of Him according to all that He is! If we love the Lord Jesus, our tongue will be like the pen of a ready writer – we don’t need to “write a draft” of our love for Him, of the things we want to say concerning Him! If we have an affectionate love for the Lord Jesus, our heart is fully in love with Him, and we are ready to write our love our praise to Him…

testimony from my first university semester – living a normal Christian church life on the campus

Praise the Lord for the church life! Praise the Lord for growing up in the church life, in a Christian family! Here, we are so cared for, protected, and shepherded in what the Lord is doing today – the practical church life. Whether “we like it or not”, we will go to the meetings with […]