I’m Still Learning to Contact the Lord and Enjoy Him in His Word in the Morning

My practice of the morning revival time with the Lord is something I’m still learning and even more struggling with. First, I’ve set a specific time and I try stick to it. At this time, I seek a quiet and secluded place to be alone with the Lord, to look into His eyes, to listen […]

Learning and Fighting to be Revived Every Morning in God’s Word

I love the Lord Jesus, therefore I must meet Him every morning. During this personal time with the Lord I am learning that God is good for food and that all Scripture is God-breathed. I contact the Lord every morning by calling on His name. I was led this morning to go to the word […]

We are Contacting a Person during our Practice of Morning Revival!

I’ve been considering this matter of giving my testimony concerning having a time with the Lord in the morning revival. First, I have to say that I do feel most unqualified. Concerning morning revival and preparing to prophesy, I feel short in both areas, with much need of improvement. As far as my practice is […]

Singing the Word in the Morning – Practicing Morning Revival

I would like to share a practice I have been enjoying recently: that is, singing the Word of God in the morning. Psalm 119:147-48 reads “I anticipated the dawn and cried out; I hoped in Your words. My eyes anticipated the night watches, That I might muse upon Your word.” Oftentimes, when I approach this […]

Morning by Morning – Morning Watch and Morning Revival

This is the first part of the sharing by brother A. P. in the series of “Morning by Morning – Morning Watch and Morning Revival”. Every morning the married couple I stayed with would get up and leave. About 45 minutes later they returned. As their guest they didn’t wake me plus I had just […]

willingly offering ourselves to the Lord to water Him in the day of His warfare

 Psalm 110:3 says, Your people will offer themselves willingly in the day of Your warfare, in the splendor of their consecration. Your young men will be to You like the dew from the womb of the dawn. In the day of the Lord’s warfare in His heavenly ministry He needs to be watered and refreshed […]

being a christian student on the campus – take care of the Lord first and make a schedule!

If you give the Lord one hour, He will give you two hours back. Writing an essay is not a matter of ‘quantity’ of time, it’s a matter of ‘quality’. I’ve found that once I’ve enjoyed the Lord, my mind is calm and I’m able to sit down and actually get something done! If I start an essay without touching the Lord, it’s really like untangling a big ball of spaghetti!