Coming to the Lord in His Word to make Direct Contact with Jesus in the Morning

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in my experience and from more mature brothers regarding our morning time with the Lord is that in this time our emotions are really of no consequence. If we come to the Lord expecting to feel a particular way then we have missed the mark. We have […]

Having a Personal Time and a Corporate Time of Enjoying the Lord in the Morning

I always start my morning time with the Lord Jesus by calling upon His name and simply thanking Him for another day. I usually say “Lord Jesus, I love You”. This helps my relationship with the Lord become sweeter every day. And of course I would come to Him, opening myself to Him and asking […]

My Experience of Practicing Morning Revival and Preparing to Prophesy on Lord’s Day

The importance and benefits of morning revival are repeatedly stressed in the churches and among the saints in the Lord’s Recovery. This practice not only takes care of our personal relationship with the Lord, but also allows for the healthy teaching and solid food being assimilated at bite-size portions, regularly, and in line with the […]

The Foundation, Purpose, Principles and Practice of Morning Revival

My Foundation: To know Him the Lord has been my aspiration since my prayer in 1970, “God, if You are real, be real to me.” In the spring of 1973 I was introduced to the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee through some faithful brothers. These brothers taught me that the best and most […]

Lingering in God’s Presence to Intercede for Others before Him according to His heart

We may think that serving God involves doing great works for God, laboring day and night, and having no personal freedom or enjoyment. But what we see in the Bible is that our main service to God is our prayer to Him according to His heart and will. Our God is almighty and can do […]

Lighting the Lamps in the Sanctuary signifies the Proper Way to Meet as Christians

The priests in the Old Testament did three main things: they offered the sacrifices (in the outer court), they light the lamps (in the Holy Place), and they burn the incense (in the Holy of Holies). Offering the sacrifices in the outer court was on the altar on behalf of the people; the people of […]

Singing to the Well and Digging Away all the Dirt in our Being so that Life may Flow

God’s desire is to be the fountain of living waters to His people for them to drink, have their thirst quenched, and spontaneously live a life for God’s purpose. In order to become the fountain of living waters to us, God became a man and, in Christ, He was smitten on the cross (as the […]