Take time to Behold the Lord in the Morning: Don’t Seek a Feeling but simply Touch Him!

We must cooperate with God’s desire by practicing to give Him a free way to spread Himself into every part of our being. (The Collected Works of Witness Lee, 1963, Vol. 1) How wonderful it is to give our dear Lord the first place in all things! God desires to have the preeminence, but He […]

Praising Christ the King in His Fairness and Sweetness, Victory and Majesty (Psa. 45)

Psalm 45 presents a full picture and a complete view of Christ’s beauty; the psalmist is praising Christ’s beauty in Himself as the King, in the church as the queen, and in the overcoming believers as the princes, the sons. In the first eight verses we see the beauty of Christ as the King (typified […]

Dwelling in God’s House by Praising Him and Having the Highways to Zion in our Heart

The goal of God’s salvation, provision, and revelation as seen in the book of Exodus is His building, the tabernacle; as believers in Christ, we need to go on with the Lord and experience Him as reality of all the furnishings of the tabernacle so that we may be part of His building, His heart’s […]

Christ will come as Another Angel to Take Possession of the Earth for His Kingdom

In the Bible there are quite a few instances where Christ is typified by the Angel of Jehovah; the angel of Jehovah is Christ Himself, and this Christ is the expression of the Triune God Himself. Our Christ is wonderful – He is all-inclusive and all-extensive, and in God’s economy He has become the Angel […]

Keep the Feast by Blending, Praising, Enjoying, and being Reminded we’re Sojourners

The Bible is a book of life, our God is a living God, and we are the living people of the living God called by Him to enjoy Him and feast on Him. Throughout the Bible we see how God cares more for what we eat than for what we do; in His mind what […]

As Holy Priests we Offer to God the Christ we Experienced and a Sacrifice of Praise

In the eyes of God, all believers in Christ are holy priests and royal priests; we are holy and a kingly priesthood, those who are sanctified unto God, saturated with God, filled with God, and who minister God to others. As holy priests, we offer spiritual sacrifices to God; we don’t have to offer physical […]

Christ’s Ascension was His Inauguration into His Heavenly Offices for His Heavenly Ministry

We need to have a great and colossal vision concerning the ascended Christ, the Christ in the heavens. We need to see the Christ who has ascended to the heavens and who was inaugurated, exalted, and enthrone to be the One commissioned to execute God’s universal administration and carry out God’s new testament economy through His […]