I’m Still Learning to Contact the Lord and Enjoy Him in His Word in the Morning

My practice of the morning revival time with the Lord is something I’m still learning and even more struggling with. First, I’ve set a specific time and I try stick to it. At this time, I seek a quiet and secluded place to be alone with the Lord, to look into His eyes, to listen […]

Learning and Fighting to be Revived Every Morning in God’s Word

I love the Lord Jesus, therefore I must meet Him every morning. During this personal time with the Lord I am learning that God is good for food and that all Scripture is God-breathed. I contact the Lord every morning by calling on His name. I was led this morning to go to the word […]

Spending Time with the Lord in Prayer and Pray-reading the Word to Touch Him

Most of the time I rise up at 6:30am in the morning. I spent the first thirty minutes the time in prayer. This prayer time is the time for me to have intimate and personal fellowship with Lord. When I try to remember all my past experiences, all are about loving and kissing the Lord. They […]

The Foundation, Purpose, Principles and Practice of Morning Revival

My Foundation: To know Him the Lord has been my aspiration since my prayer in 1970, “God, if You are real, be real to me.” In the spring of 1973 I was introduced to the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee through some faithful brothers. These brothers taught me that the best and most […]

We have a New Spirit, and we need to Constantly Exercise our Spirit to Contact God

How we thank and praise the Lord for giving us a new heart to love Him and a new spirit to receive Him, so that we may be inwardly recovered by Him! Now we can exercise our heart to love the Lord and enjoy Him, and we can exercise our spirit to contact God. In […]

Crucial Points to Consider as we Eat, Digest, and Assimilate Christ in the Word

As believers in Christ, we need to eat the Lord Jesus by receiving Him into us so that He may be digested and assimilated into our regenerated new man in the way of life; for this, we need to eat, digest, and assimilate Christ as our spiritual food day by day. God’s economy is that we […]

God’s Words are Good for us to Eat: we need to Eat the Word of God as our Food

Ezekiel was asked by God to take the scroll and eat it, then speak the word of God (Ezek. 2:8-3:4); as believers in Christ we need to eat the word of God, digest them, assimilate them into our being, and then speak the word of God. This week in our crystallization-study of Ezekiel we come […]