Calling on the Name of the Lord is our Spiritual Breathing in our Christian Life

Many believers (and unbelievers alike) have asked themselves, How can one live the Christian life? How can a man pray unceasingly? How can a human being be different and express God? Humanly, this is impossible. But because all the genuine believers in Christ have God’s divine life in them, it is possible. The way to […]

abiding in the Lord by giving thanks in everything and praying unceasingly

What does it really mean to “unceasingly pray”? Does it mean that you have to stop any other outward activity and spend 24/7 in prayer on your knees before God? This natural thought seems rather impractical and intangible, impossible to attain by a human being. Prayer is an activity of our spirit – our mingled spirit prays all the time. To pray is to use our spirit to fellowship with God. Our spirit is always willing, ready to pray, but we need to turn to our spirit and use our spirit to pray! Let us not quench the Spirit in our spirit but allow our spirit to be active all the time by praying unceasingly! [read more online]