Tests of our Service to God, Bearing Responsibility, and being Faithful in Service

As those who are learning to serve God by letting God initiate and we cooperate, we need to see what are the signs of service from man and service from God, what are some tests of our service for God, and how we need to bear responsibility and be absolutely faithful in service to God. […]

God’s Work needs Man’s Cooperation, not his Initiation, Opinions, and Suggestions

According to what the Bible tells us concerning our service to God, God’s work needs man’s cooperation, but it doesn’t require man’s initiation; God wants us to serve Him and love Him, but He doesn’t need us to initiate things in God’s work. Both in the Old and in the New Testament we see many […]

Aligning our Being with God to See Visions of God in Spirit under an Opened Heaven

As believers in Christ we need to be those who have an opened heaven, be in our spirit, and see visions of God, that is, see divine, spiritual, heavenly visions, so that we may be one with God on earth for Him to accomplish what He desires to accomplish. Ezekiel was such a person; he […]

Divine Life is in our Mingled Spirit: we need to Release our Spirit to Minister life

As believers in Christ and children of God, we have the eternal life of God in our mingled spirit: now we can experience life and minister life to other members of the Body of Christ. The divine life we have received through regeneration is the processed and consummated Triune God in Christ as the Spirit […]

5 Main Ways to Enjoy the Humanity of Jesus in our Christian Life and Church Life

As believers in Christ, our emphasis in our Christian life and service is not on outward things such as eating, drinking, behavior, or anything of this kind; our emphasis is on Christ, our mingled spirit, the church life, and the Body of Christ. If we pay attention to the intrinsic things such as enjoying the […]

Daily Drinking the Humanity of Jesus to be Jesusly Human in the World for the Church

It will make a great difference in our Christian life and work when we realize that the humanity we should have – the humanity of Jesus – can be ours only by eating and drinking the humanity of Jesus in the Spirit. Too many Christians have endeavored to “imitate Jesus” and to “live like Jesus” […]

Eating Christ as the Meal Offering in His Word to Live out His Human Living Today

The humanity that we as believers in Christ should have in serving God is the humanity of Christ, which is not merely a perfect humanity but a humanity mingled with divinity; the proper humanity we need in serving God is divinity mingled with humanity for the expressing of the divine attributes in the human virtues. […]