To Participate in the Lord’s Move we can Go in His Going and Give in His Giving

Each of the living creatures in Ezekiel 1 had high and awesome wheels, which indicate God’s move; every local church and every believer should have a high and awesome wheel with them, and we all need to participate in the Lord’s move today. God the Father is living, Christ the Son is moving, and the […]

a trainee’s testimony – we need to develop deep roots in the Lord by spending time with Him

As Christians we are like little plants – we don’t have much power, but if we have deep roots in Christ we will be unshakable, immovable. Sometimes our roots are in something else than Him. As a result, we are easily shaken, and with any small situation we are blown off. Our roots may be in our campus work. It might be somewhat successful, with some promising contacts, but as soon as they begin missing the meetings or making excuses to have appointments we will collapse and be blown off. We may be enjoying the Lord, but as soon as we suffer some persecution from those with whom we study or work we are rapidly blown away. We need to be rooted in Him, but how? [continue reading online]

testimony from my first university semester – living a normal Christian church life on the campus

Praise the Lord for the church life! Praise the Lord for growing up in the church life, in a Christian family! Here, we are so cared for, protected, and shepherded in what the Lord is doing today – the practical church life. Whether “we like it or not”, we will go to the meetings with […]