Spending Time with the Lord in Prayer and Pray-reading the Word to Touch Him

Most of the time I rise up at 6:30am in the morning. I spent the first thirty minutes the time in prayer. This prayer time is the time for me to have intimate and personal fellowship with Lord. When I try to remember all my past experiences, all are about loving and kissing the Lord. They […]

Lighting the Lamps in the Sanctuary signifies the Proper Way to Meet as Christians

The priests in the Old Testament did three main things: they offered the sacrifices (in the outer court), they light the lamps (in the Holy Place), and they burn the incense (in the Holy of Holies). Offering the sacrifices in the outer court was on the altar on behalf of the people; the people of […]

Ministering Life to the Body by Experiencing Christ in the Body and For the Body

We have seen that Christ lived a sacrificing life for producing new wine to cheer God and man, and that today we as His believers should live the same kind of life for God’s satisfaction and man’s joy. We need to live a sacrificing life today, and this life is in the Body and for […]

Enjoying Christ as the Topstone of Grace for the Completion of God’s Building

The Bible clearly shows us that Christ is everything for God’s building. First of all, Christ is the One who builds His church, His Body, as the building of God (Matt. 16:18). Christ is the foundation stone, the only foundation laid by God for His building – He upholds and supports the entire building of […]

entering into our private room and praying to the Father who is in secret

The Lord Jesus set a good pattern before us – He as the first God-man prayed to the Father much time in secret! Even after He fed the crowds by making a miracle, He went away and went up to the mountain to pray, and He spent the whole night in prayer alone with the […]

not seeking our own glory but God’s glory by spending time privately with Him

One of the most outstanding things concerning the Lord Jesus in His life and ministry on the earth is that He did not seek His own glory but the glory of the Father who sent Him (see John 7:18; 5:41; 12:43). After performing a great miracle like the feeding of the five thousand people with only five […]

what the Bible is to us depends on our attitude toward the Bible as God’s word

What is the Bible to you? What is the law of God to you when you read it? This morning I was very much helped to realize that what the Bible is to us depends on our attitude toward the Bible. Putting aside “coming to the Bible out of curiosity”, we have two main attitudes […]