Crystallization Study of the Psalms(1) – the 2011 Summer Training Banners

This short article wants to present the full text of the banners for the 2011 summer training, general subject: Psalms(1), the Crystallization Study(the first part of the Crystallization-study on the book of Psalms). It is recommended that you buy the Morning Revival on the Psalms(Crystallization study) via the Living Stream Ministry website/store, read portions of enjoyment from the […]

Christ, the house of God, the city of God, and the earth: the main points of the book of Psalms!

It is so easy to read the Psalms and take them in an outward, natural way, for our comfort and our encouragement… but if we do this, we fail to see what the Psalms really reveal. In the Psalms there are four major words being developed and spoken of: Christ, the house, the city, and […]

the central thought of the book of Psalms is Christ and the church as the house and the city of God

Praise the Lord for the book of the Psalms! Just like most believers, I also love this book – every psalm brings me closer to God. It is so sweet to read psalms and love the Lord more, or at least to be ministered to in the situation or condition you’re in… According to our […]