The Church is Built with Resurrection Life and Washed by the Word to be the Bride

As seen in the type of Adam and Eve in Genesis 2 and shown throughout the New Testament, the church comes out of Christ, is built in His resurrection life, and is composed of all the believers in Christ who are being transformed to be the counterpart of Christ, the reproduction of Christ. We may […]

The Beauty of the Bride is the Shining out of the Christ wrought into us Daily

What the Lord is after today is obtaining a beautiful bride, without spots or wrinkles or any such thing, which can be presented to Himself as the Bridegroom; the beauty of the bride is the expression of Christ in us, the shining our of Christ from within us. Our natural man and living in the natural […]

we are becoming the beautiful bride of Christ for Him to be satisfied!

The more we know the direction of the Lord’s move today the more we will see that there’s a connection between salvation in life and the preparation of the Bride. The direction of the Lord’s move is to build up the Body for the preparation of the Bride that He may bring in His kingdom. […]

we are becoming the house of His beauty by receiving His daily dispensing in His Word

How wonderful – God is beautified in His church, and the church is the house of His beauty! By putting Himself into us as the Spirit and the word, Christ becomes our beauty, brightness, and splendor! When we get into the Word of God, as Eph 5:26-27 says, we are being washed, cleansed, purified, and […]