The Church is the Body of Christ; the Growth of the Church is the Growth of Christ

Since the church is the Body of Christ, the growth of the church is the growth of Christ in all the believers in Christ as the many members of the Body of Christ. The church is not a physical building or location, neither is the church merely a group of people who gather together around […]

The Church is Built with the Christ Experienced, Gained, and Enjoyed by God’s People

I am looking forward to the next Crystallization-Study of Exodus when we will dive deeper into the divine revelation concerning the tabernacle, the dwelling place of God among men, but in this morning revival we are only touching the surface and having a foretaste of this matter. What is in God’s heart, the reason for […]

The Building up of the Church as the Body of Christ is by the Mingling of God and Man

The growth of the Body of Christ depends on the growth of God in all the members of the Body; the Body grows with the growth of God. All the Body causes the growth of the Body by the joints of rich supply and the operation in the measure of each one part (Eph. 4:16). […]

The Body is the Intrinsic Significance of the Church and the Mingling of God with Man

The church is the most precious thing in God’s eyes, and Christ gave Himself up for the church to redeem her and bring her to Himself. We need to see a vision of the preciousness, importance, and practicality of the church: the church is very important to God, and the church is both universal and […]

The Church is the Heart’s Desire of God and the Hidden Mystery in God’s Economy

What is the church? The church is a colossal subject, the content of which is enormous and the thought profound. As human beings we think we know or understand but we’re actually small, helpless, and incapable of apprehending in full what the church is. In the New Testament we see two great mysteries: Christ as […]

Christ is Everything to the Church for Us to be God’s Living Testimony on Earth

The central vision of the completing ministry of Paul is man being a vessel to contain God and be filled with God, Christ as the mystery of God, and the church as the mystery of Christ. Seeing that Christ is the mystery of God is not such a simple matter – we need the entire […]

knowing the Body in practice: the universal church and the local churches

On the one hand, we need to know the Body of Christ in life – Christ is the life of the Body of Christ, and the Body is a mingling of divinity with humanity. When we see that the Christ we have received through regeneration is the life of the Body of Christ, we will […]