The Church Life is Christ Experienced and Expressed by All the Saints Corporately

After seeing a clear vision of the church and God’s threefold purpose for the church, we now come to the practice of the church and the crucial experiences we need in order to practice the church life today. The church is to have the full sonship to express God; the church is the corporate new […]

Building an Altar at Bethel and Realizing God’s All-Sufficiency in the Church Life

At his second coming to Bethel, Jacob built an altar there and called it El-Bethel, and God appeared to him and said to him, “I am the All-sufficient God” (Gen. 35:11). Previously, Jacob built an altar at Shechem, where he also pitched his tent and was settled for a while, having a life of ease. […]

the mysterious mingling of God with man is the oneness of the Body of Christ

In Ephesians 4:3-6 we see that we as believers in Christ already have the oneness – we just need to keep the oneness of the Spirit in the uniting bond of peace! Oneness is in our spirit and oneness actually is the mingling of the divine Spirit with our human spirit, the mingling of the […]

the saints’ living together in oneness in the church life is blessed by God

This week we are enjoying the wonderful Psalm 133 concerning the Lord’s commanded blessing on the brothers dwelling in oneness. Our church life is not an individual life but a corporate life, a collective life, and our experience of the church life has at least four aspects: it is a corporate experience, an ascending experience, […]

treasuring being in the house of God: here we’re enjoying all the blessings of God

From our experience we can testify that one single day in the house of God is better than a thousand anywhere else. We may be away from God and we may think “we have the time of our life”, but when we come into the house of God and we aspire to have the highways to Zion in our heart, taking the way of the church internally, we will realize how good it is to be here! We would rather “stand at the threshold of the house of God than dwell in the tents of the wicked” (Psa. 84:10). It is much better to be at the door, on the threshold, of the house of God, than to be in the house / tent of the wicked. [continue reading online]

turning our tears of weeping into springs of blessings by setting our eyes on Zion

The highways to Zion is not superficial or cheap; the way of the church life demands a price that we need to pay. It is not external, superficial, or cheap. If we wouldn’t care for Christ and the church that much, we wouldn’t suffer; but as we care for the church life, we will partake of the sufferings needed for the building up of the Body of Christ. We will have sufferings related to the church, related to God’s economy, some misunderstandings from your family because you stand for the church, etc – and you may shed tears…. But the Lord turns those tears to be the Spirit! You will be all the more filled with the Spirit and released in your spirit that you may flow! [read more online]

everything is clear when we exercise our spirit and we come to the church meetings

In the Holy Place in the tabernacle there was no natural light – there was only the light of the lampstand, the light of the Holy Place. In the natural light (the light of the sun and the moon) we can see the natural and outward things, but in the light of the Holy Place we can see God’s economy and His administration. In God’s presence, in His shining, in His light, we don’t need any natural light or man-made light. In the church life we do not need any natural light – in the church life as the Holy Place in the tabernacle we have the lampstand shining with God as the light! [continue reading online]