The Lord needs the Truths of His Recovery to Spread to the Whole Earth for His Return

The Lord needs the truths of His recovery to spread to the whole earth for the restoration of all things and the Lord’s return. We need to be those who cooperate with the Lord to spread the divine truths and see a vision of the world’s ultimate situation, God’s ultimate move, and the Lord’s ultimate […]

Preaching the Complete Gospel from Forgiveness of Sins to Living in the Body of Christ

Knowing merely that the gospel is the glad tidings saying that man has to repent and believe in Jesus to be saved from perdition – this is inadequate according to the standard set in the New Testament. The gospel as revealed in the New Testament is not a low or diluted gospel but it is […]

Paul’s gospel is a gospel of sonship – God’s intention is to bring many sons into glory

Saints, it is enough! We should no longer preach the poor gospel telling people that “God doesn’t want them to go to hell but to go to heaven if they believe in Jesus”! We need to preach the gospel by speaking the truth revealed in the gospel of God in Romans! Tell people that once they believe in the Lord, their sins will be forgiven and they will be redeemed and justified by God, reconciled to God, and accepted by God! Let us speak the high and complete gospel! [continue reading this portion online + add your own comment / portion]

Paul’s gospel includes the entire book of Romans, from God’s condemnation to the local churches

The gospel of God – which is the gospel of Paul as seen in the book of Romans – concerns not an outward physical Christ living among men but Christ as the Spirit living within the believers after His resurrection. This is a higher and more subjective gospel than what is presented in the Gospels. Christ is now the life-giving Spirit living in our spirit, making our spirit life! When we set our mind on the spirit, our soul becomes life (Rom. 8:6). Eventually, even our physical body will be filled and saturated with the divine life (Rom. 8:16). This is the gospel! [continue reading this portion online]

Paul’s gospel is the complete gospel, including all the aspects of the four gospels

Praise the Lord, the gospel is not about an outward historical Christ but it concerns the Triune God being processed and consummated through Christ’s incarnation, human living, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, to become the life-giving, all-inclusive, compounded, indwelling Spirit who mingles Himself with our spirit to accomplish in us God’s purpose in creating man. This is what Paul’s gospel reveals, and his Epistles form the heart of the divine revelation in the New Testament, the center of the New Testament. [continue reading this portion of enjoyment online + add your comment to it]