God Calls His People to Come out of Babylon and Return to the Orthodoxy of the Church

In the book of Revelation the Lord calls for His people to come out of Babylon, which is the apostate church, so that they may return to the orthodoxy of the church, the normal condition of the church according to God’s original intention. Yes, God will judge and put the devil away, and the book […]

Seeing the Degradation of the Church from God’s Original Intention for the Church

When we see the original condition of the church and the degradation of the church, we will realise the great need for the recovery of the church today. After the Lord Jesus died and resurrected, He came and breathed Himself into His believers and imparted the divine life into them to regenerate them for His […]

The Original Condition of the Church and the need for the Recovery of the Church

In order for us to recognize the need for the recovery of the church, we need to first know the original condition of the church and then see the degradation of the church. What is in God’s heart to have is the church, for the church is His corporate expression on earth, and the church […]

The Recovery of the Church in Relation to God’s Intention and Satan’s Destruction

What God desires to gain in this age is the church, and this week we want to see the original condition of the church, the degradation of the church, and the recovery of the church. According to Ephesians and to the experience of all those who seek God, there’s something hidden in the heart of […]

The Church in Thyatira Prefigures the Roman Catholic Church, the Apostate Church

This week in our prayerful study of how to return to the orthodoxy of the church we come to the Lord’s word to the church in Thyatira, which is a sign prefiguring the Roman Catholic Church which was formed as the apostate church. Even though we are not here to make an exposition of Revelation […]

The Eschatology of the Church: the Degradation of the Church and the Recovered Church

The Lord Jesus Christ gave Himself for our sins that we might be rescued out of the present evil age according to the will of our God and Father (Gal. 1:4). This present evil age is not merely the outward material secular world, which is definitely evil, corrupted, immoral, and bad, but the present religious […]

Overcoming the Worldliness in the Degraded Church by Eating Christ as the Hidden Manna

Only the Lord sees and knows our real situation and our true condition. Christ as the High Priest is constantly walking (not running, but walking) among the local churches, He sees their situation, and He speaks a specific word to each of the churches. Through His speaking to the churches, the Lord trims away anything […]