We need to Enjoy the Eternal Blessing of the Triune God and the Blessing of Life

Our God is a God of blessing, and in Num. 6 we see the eternal blessing of the Triune God – the threefold blessing of Jehovah to His people, which the dispensing of the Triune God in His Divine Trinity into us for our enjoyment. It is quite astonishing to realize that our God is […]

Ezekiel 1 shows us God’s Eternal Intention to have the Manifestation of God in Man

The conclusion of Ezekiel 1 is that on the throne there’s One who has the appearance of a man, and the four living creatures also have the appearance of a man, which shows us that, in His mysterious relationship with man, God mingles Himself with man to become the same as man and make man […]

Serving God is Worshipping God – our God must be Living to us in our Daily Life

There are many children of God who desire to serve the Lord but they do it in a wrong way, not according to the divine revelation in the Bible; they may not be wrong in their doctrine or heart for the Lord, but they are wrong in their way of serving God. We need to […]

God Becoming Man and Man Becoming God is the Economy of God to Fulfill His Dream

These past four weeks we have been going through the matter of the gospel in a deeper way. We have seen that the gospel is the gospel of the kingdom and the gospel of grace, and we enjoyed some matters related to the structure of the gospel and Paul’s gospel (which is the gospel of […]

Worshipping the Father in Spirit and Truthfulness and in the Divine Dispensing

In the Bible there’s a whole chapter that speaks of the worship of God – John 4. Here we see the Lord Jesus taking a detour through a Samaritan city, and while His disciples went into the city to get some food, the Lord talked to a sinful Samaritan woman who came in the heat […]

God’s Covenant with David: Christ as the Seed of David Carries out God’s Economy

Our wonderful, infinitely wise, loving, gracious, and merciful God is a covenanting God, and it is our privilege to take a look at some of the major covenants God made with man. God came in after Adam and Eve fell not to blame them or condemn them but to preach the gospel to them and […]

God is Heading Up All Things in Christ as We Constantly Receive His Divine Dispensing

Christ in ascension is continually dispensing and transmitting all that He is and has accomplished into every member of His Body, the church. The great goal of this divine transmission is none other than the heading up of all things in Christ (see Eph. 1:10). God’s desire is to head up all things in Christ […]