Speaking and Teaching the Economy of God Preserves us in the Oneness and One Accord

The only way we can practice the one accord and thus keep the oneness of the Spirit in the practical church life is to emphasize and speak only one thing: God’s economy, the eternal economy of God. All other things can bring in divisions, even good teachings. But when we have the apostles’ teaching, the […]

God Becoming Man and Man Becoming God is the Economy of God to Fulfill His Dream

These past four weeks we have been going through the matter of the gospel in a deeper way. We have seen that the gospel is the gospel of the kingdom and the gospel of grace, and we enjoyed some matters related to the structure of the gospel and Paul’s gospel (which is the gospel of […]

God’s Economy is God becoming Man and Man Becoming God to Build up the Body of Christ

In the divine revelation in the Bible there is a progression, from Genesis to Revelation. Our God is not a static God: He is always on the move, always doing something and moving. In Psa. 68 we see a good picture of the journey of the tabernacle, from the wilderness at Mount Sinai to Mount […]

Having a Clear Vision of God’s Economy and being Governed and Directed by this Vision

In the Lord’s recovery today the Lord is recovering God’s economy, which is God’s eternal purpose and intention to dispense Himself into man to be man’s life and life supply for the producing and building up of the Body of Christ. The matter of God’s economy is in the Bible – the Old Testament saints […]

God’s Economy and Goal are to Work Himself into Man and Build Man into Himself

In order for us to cooperate with the Lord for the building up of the church, the Body of Christ, we need to know the economy of God and allow God in Christ to build Himself into us. First of all, the church is the Body of Christ, the fullness of the One who fills […]

Growing in Life by Holding to Truth in Love for the Building up of the Body of Christ

God’s highest and deepest purpose for the church is to head up all things in Christ through the church. As part of the church, how can we cooperate with the Lord for the heading up of all things in Christ? It is not by our outward doing or “ruling over others” that we bring all […]

A Panoramic View of the Glory of God in the Economy of God: We are Destined to Glory

The New Jerusalem has the glory of God as its content, and it expresses God by shining Him out to the entire universe (Rev. 21:10-11). The glory of God is intrinsically related to the economy of God. In His economy, God wants to make the same as He is in life and nature (but not […]