The Divine Life Flowing in the Divine Nature is our Unique Way in our Daily Life

God is life, and the eternal life is God Himself. Apart from God there is no life, and all life depends on God. However, many times we think that when someone is pious, devoted, has a good behavior, is moral and ethical, has a gift, is powerful, knows the Bible, is full of activities and […]

Living in and Experiencing the Consummated Spirit as the Divine and Mystical Realm

By regeneration we enter into a new realm: the realm of the Spirit, the realm in which we have the Triune God processed and consummated to be the Spirit as our everything. All believers in Christ have the privilege to breathe in God as the Spirit and to be in the Spirit as the realm […]

The Fellowship Among the Local Churches is the Fellowship of the Body of Christ

There is One Lord, One God, one faith, one baptism, one Spirit, and one fellowship in the Body of Christ. The fellowship each individual believer in Christ has with Christ is the one unique fellowship in the Body of Christ, and the fellowship the believers have among themselves is the unique fellowship in the Body. […]

The Fellowship of Life is the Reality of the Church Life, Bringing in Oneness

The circulation in the Body of Christ is the fellowship of the divine life, and this circulation is vital for all the believers in Christ. Just as we have a circulation of blood in our human body – without which we would be dead – so in the organic Body of Christ there’s a circulation, […]

The Fellowship of Life is Everything to us; it Tempers us and Blends us for the Body

The fellowship of life is not merely one of the many lessons we learn in our Christian life; the divine fellowship is everything in the Christian life. If we don’t have a proper vertical fellowship with the Lord and a solid horizontal fellowship of life with the fellow brothers and sisters, God is not real […]

Being Preserved in the Fellowship of Life by the Sense of Life in our Mingled Spirit

It is so wonderful that we can experience a foretaste of the New Jerusalem today in our Christian life and church life! We can enjoy and experience the daily practical living in oneness with the Lord according to the sense of life so that we may be in the fellowship of life, thus experiencing a […]

The Fellowship of Life is the Flow of Life with the Supply of Life in the Believers

In the New Jerusalem there is a river of water of life flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb, and this river spirals down from the throne and reaches all the four sides of the city, flowing out through the gates of the city (Rev. 22:1-2). On both sides of the river […]