The Gospel brings in the Divine Life, the Kingdom of God, which Produces the Church

In the New Testament we first see the kingdom of God (the Lord came out to preach the gospel of the kingdom, repentance for the kingdom of the heavens) and then we see the church; the presence of the kingdom produces the church. The direction of the Lord’s move today is threefold: to build up […]

Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom for a Testimony to All before the End of the Age

From the very first Gospel in the New Testament we see that the Lord Jesus didn’t come to “change the social system” or “bring peace on earth” or even to “change the world to better”; He came preaching another kingdom, the kingdom of God, which He called “the kingdom of the heavens”. He never promised […]

God Charges all to Repent for the Kingdom; we need to Repent to Live in the Kingdom!

As human beings we were born in the human kingdom to be men, and as believers in Christ we have been re-born into the divine kingdom to be citizens of the kingdom of God. We are not merely men part of the human kingdom, the highest created form of life, but we are also God-men, […]

The Gospel of the Kingdom brings us into God’s Kingdom with His Ruling and Blessings

As believers in Christ, we are the Lord’s disciples who are learning from the Lord and from the pattern of the apostles to preach the gospel of the kingdom so that men would repent, be saved, and enter into the kingdom of God to be under God’s rule and enjoy all His riches. We need […]

Being Brought under the Ruling of God’s Authority through the Gospel of the Kingdom

Our unique commission given by the Lord is that we preach the gospel; He as our Lord and Savior took the lead to preach the gospel of the kingdom, and now we as His disciples and believers need to follow Him and preach the gospel of the kingdom to the whole inhabited earth. The gospel […]

The Gospel includes All the Truths in the Bible: the Entire Bible is the Gospel of God

For the next five weeks or so we are enjoying a topic that is both broad and specific: the Gospel. Many believers know what the gospel is, and many unbelievers think they know what the gospel is. We want to seek the Lord in His word to get a deeper understanding and appreciation of the […]

The Gospel Brings forth the Church, and the Kingdom is the Reality of the Church

In Exodus 18 we see a portrait of life in the kingdom of God; today, in the age of grace, when the gospel of the kingdom is preached, the kingdom of God is brought in and the church is brought forth. In the New Testament what we see first is the kingdom of God: the […]