Our Unique Goal is to Live and Work out the New Jerusalem, the Goal of God’s Economy

What is the goal of your Christian life and work? What are you living for, and what is the ultimate goal of everything that you do? God’s unique goal in His divine economy is the New Jerusalem, and He does everything for the obtaining of this holy city. God desires to obtain a building which […]

2011 winter school of truth in London, UK – Lord, speak to us what’s on Your heart!

Next week the Winter School of Truth takes place in London, UK, at Bower House, and a little over 200 serving saints and young people are getting together to enter into the topics of, Salvation, and, The Two Spirits. Saints, let us pray for this time! The Lord needs our prayers so that He can move and accomplish what is in His heart! Let’s offer Him our best cooperation! How about we all cooperate with the Lord by praying! Leave a comment here or on the blog with your prayer before the Lord for the young people, those who WILL bring the Lord back! [read more online]

this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole inhabited earth for a testimony!

I am so encouraged with what the Lord is doing today! On the one hand we have the high peak truth and the high gospel – the complete gospel as revealed in the whole New Testament – and on the other hand we have a way to enjoy the Lord, practice the church life, build up the Body, and become the Bride of Christ! In His recovery the Lord is continually speaking – conference after conference, training after training, meeting after meeting, and even morning after morning as we spend time with Him. [continue reading online]

we are commissioned to preach the high gospel, the entire truth revealed in the Word of God

No matter how modern, cool, or amazing things people have or invent – the advance of the technology and entertainment in the world today has not filled the emptiness within man; rather, it has enlarged it, since they try to be filled and happy with so many things when only One Thing satisfies – God Himself! Only the high truths in the Lord’s recovery can match the need of today’s hunger in the world – people are fed up with the low feel-good gospel in the Christianity.

The Four Great Pillars in the Lord’s Recovery: Truth, Life, the Church, and the Gospel (ITERO 2011)

Praise the Lord for the recent ITERO in Holland! The main topic of the fall International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones, held in Baarloo, Holland, is, The Four Great Pillars in the Lord’s Recovery. These four great pillars are Truth, Life, the Church, and the Gospel. There is a book with the same name published by Living Stream Ministry (The Truth, Life, the Church, and the Gospel, Four Great Pillars in The Lord’s Recovery). This portion here is just a short enjoyment from this message, and is an attempt to bring more saints in the fellowship and collective enjoyment of the Lord’s up-to-date speaking.