taking God as our dwelling place by abiding in Christ and being in Christ

To take God as our habitation, to take God as our dwelling place, is actually the highest and the fullest experience of God. Everything we are and do is in our dwelling place and for our dwelling place – it is here we live, we eat, we drink, we rest, we have our being, and it is this place that we beautify, we improve, and we love. It is the same with God – in God as our dwelling place we eat God, enjoy God, drink God, and we have our living with all the details of our daily experience IN GOD! We take God as our dwelling place in a practical way by being identified with Christ! [continue reading online]

the highest and fullest experience of God is taking God as our dwelling place

Enosh called on the name of Jehovah, Enoch walked with God, Abraham had a meal with God, and David cared for God’s heart to build the house of God, but no one except Moses could utter such a statement, Jehovah, You have been our dwelling place in all generations. The God Enosh called on, Enoch walked with, Abraham had a meal with, and David built a house for – is actually our dwelling place! Calling on the Lord, walking with Him, having a meal with Him, and building a house for God are very good experiences, but the fullest experience and the highest experience of God is dwelling in God! [continue reading online about the Highest and Fullest Experience of God – taking God as our habitation, our dwelling place!]