God’s Move is in man to Deify man and Gain the One New Man for His Expression

By the side of every living creature there is a high and awesome wheel, which show us the extraordinary move of the Lord for the fulfillment of His economy; God’s move today is in man to deify man to bring forth the new man so that God may obtain a corporate expression and have His […]

The Lord’s Recovery must Spread to Europe and be Rooted here before the Coming of Antichrist

If we have the proper view and see things with God’s eyes, the way He sees things, we will realize the world situation is the indicator of the Lord’s move on earth. Events don’t just happen, countries don’t just change their regime, presidents don’t just get elected, and wars don’t just take place; rather, God […]

Seeing how the World Situation is the Indicator of the Lord’s Move on Earth

In serving the Lord we all need to be perfected by Him so that we may serve Him in an intrinsic way according to His desire. We need to realize that today in Christianity there are many who think they are “serving God” but they do not have a proper knowledge or experience of the […]

Antichrist, the Mystery of Lawlessness, and what our Attitude Should Be Today

The world situation has always been an indicator of the Lord’s move on the earth, and God moves in a specific way in every age. Today there’s a mystery of lawlessness operating among men, and there’s something restraining it…. Among human society today there’s the mystery of lawlessness operating, and this lawlessness will culminate in […]

The Lord’s Move is in Our Move – He is the Wheel Within the Us as the Wheel

There is so much to enjoy and see concerning the vision in Ezekiel 1:15-21! The greatest revelation in the first chapter of Ezekiel is the wheel within the wheel (Ezek. 1:15-16). Christ as the hub (a small wheel) is within us as the rim (the bigger wheel, His expression on earth) causing us to move. […]

God’s Move on Earth is by the Move of “the High and Awesome Wheels” (Ezek. 1)

The way God carries out His economy is through His move, and God’s move is portrayed in Ezek. 1:15-21 by the move of the high and awesome wheels. When we walk from here to there we don’t need wheels, but when we go to specific places we need some wheels. God has a special move, […]

the messages from the Young People’s Conference in Poland 2011 are online at ageturners.com

This announcement / tip, though not very “important” outwardly or to some, it is so important to many of us who have been following the 2011 Poland Camp and the European Young People’s Conference in Poland series that it needs its own blog post. And that’s right, these messages are online now, ready to be […]