man cannot be justified out of works of law but out of faith in Christ, in the organic union!

It is so easy to have a low appreciation and view of the truth of the gospel in its basic principle of the justification by faith. We are fallen in our concept, our way of thinking, even in this respect. We need to have an uplifted view of justification by faith – to be justified by faith in Christ, we need to believe into the Lord Jesus out of an appreciation of His preciousness! The speaking of the gospel brings us into a sweet appreciation of the Lord, and we believe into Him! When we call on His name, we are regenerated and we are organically one with Him! In this organic union, God MUST reckon Christ as our righteousness! [continue reading online + comment with your enjoyment of today’s morning revival]

the Lord Jesus regards our dependence on Him and not what we can do for Him in our self

The word of the Lord Jesus in Matt. 7:21-23 is very sobering and exposing – many people do works of power in His name, cast out demons in His name, prophesied in His name, but the Lord does not recognize them or know them… We can do a lot of good and great things for the Lord – even miraculous things, with the help of the power of God – but if we do things independently of the Lord, He does not approve or recognize it. How much we need the Lord to shine on us and expose our self in all its good or bad intentions and doings, so that we may deny our self and exercise our spirit to be one with the Lord! [continue reading online]

God desires that we would be recovered back to living under His direct rule in life

In us who are in the kingdom of God as a realm of life, the divine life should be able to move into our mind, our thinking, our imagination, our memory, our reasoning, our thoughts, our emotions (what is stored, buried, accumulated there? What anger, what feelings, what pains are suppressed there?). The river of water of life needs to go into every part so that it will bring life to our soul, until every part of our inner being would be alive with this river [continue reading online]

the God who has become experiential to us through our being in Him is the true God and eternal life

The last part of 1 John 5:20 is very mysterious and yet very packed with meaning. John says, “This is the true God and eternal life”. What does “THIS” refer to? Why didn’t John just say, “He is the true God and eternal life”?

God’s reality becomes our human reality through our enjoyment and experience of Him as the True One

Let us come to the place ordained by God – our human spirit – and with the offerings God desires – the reality of Christ becoming our human reality – to worship God the way He longs to! God is seeking such to worship Him today. We need to daily labor on Christ to know Him as the True One, to be in the True One, and in this organic union His reality becomes our reality, and His truthfulness becomes ours

to believe in the Lord is to receive Him; to love the Lord is to enjoy Him – we are nothing without Him!

This morning I was impressed with how short, how vain, and how passing man’s life is. David prayed to the Lord in Psa. 39:4-5, O Jehovah, cause me to know my end, and the measure of my days, what it is. May I know how transient I am. Behold, You have made my days as […]

having a consciousness of the Body by remaining in the organic union with the Lord

Where does the consciousness for the Body of Christ come from? Yesterday we saw that we need to exercise and cultivate the inward sense of the divine life that we may have the sense of the Body – and we do this by spending time with the Lord! Our inner sense is being developed as […]