When we live in the Mingled Spirit we are in the Reality of the Body of Christ

The key to living in the reality of the Body of Christ is the mingled spirit; the Body of Christ is in the mingled spirit, and to live in the reality of the Body, we need to live in the mingled spirit. Actually, everything that God requires of us is fulfilled spontaneously in our living […]

Being those who Live in the Reality of the Body of Christ in the Church Life today

God today is doing one thing: He’s building up the church as the Body of Christ so that the bride of Christ may be prepared for Christ to return and end this age; if we see this, we will be those who strive to live in the reality of the Body of Christ today. It […]

Our Work for the Lord in the Gospel is by the Lord’s Resurrection Life and Power

What does it mean to serve God in our spirit in the gospel of His Son (Rom. 1:9)? Much of the service rendered to God today by His people is outwardly good, great, and even wonderful, but do the Lord’s believers serve Him in their spirit in the gospel of His Son? First of all, […]

How the History of the Ark and the Tabernacle Prefigures the History of the Church

What God desires to obtain today is not only the local churches but the reality of the Body of Christ being lived out and expressed in the local churches all over the earth. What God desires is not merely the “tabernacle church life”, that is, the many local churches with many saints who enjoy the […]

God’s Final Recovery is the Testimony of the Reality of the Body of Christ Today

The tabernacle and the temple are the center of the Old Testament and the consummation of the New Testament, and both of these typify the church. First, it was the tabernacle, which was portable, movable, and transient; the tabernacle typifies God’s church on earth – the many local churches which are the expression of the […]

Having an Enlarged Experience of Christ in all His Riches for the Temple Church Life

We need to go on with the Lord from the tabernacle church life to the temple church life, and for this we need to go on from the wilderness to the good land where we have the all-inclusive Christ as our everything for the building up of the solid temple of God. It is good […]

Arriving at the Highest Peak in God’s Economy, the Reality of the Body of Christ

When we speak of a new revival, many believers yearn to have a spiritual revival and awakening, and their concept is that there has to be an emotional stir, an excitement, or something big, but what the Lord desires to gain and what we need today is the inward energizing and revitalisation as a result […]