The Seven Spirits of God Burn us and Refine us to Produce the Golden Lampstands

The sevenfold intensified Spirit is the seven lamps of fire to burn, enlighten, expose, judge, purify, and refine us to produce the golden lampstands for the fulfillment of God’s New Testament economy (Rev. 4:5).

These days we have been getting into the matter of the golden lampstand – it’s significance, the type, the application, and what does it mean in our experience as Christians. We have seen that the lampstand in Exodus 25 typifies Christ, the lampstand in Zechariah 3 typifies the Spirit, and the seven lampstands in Revelation […]

Christ as the Stone with Seven Eyes Infuses us with Himself for God’s Building

The seven eyes combine Jehovah, the Lamb, and the stone; the Lamb is the stone, and the stone is Jehovah (Zech. 3:9; 4:10; Rev. 5:6).

The Bible is so amazing, and as you study it in a prayerful way, with an exercised spirit and a clear mind, having a vision of God’s economy, you will realize that all things in the Bible are connected and make sense! From Genesis to Revelation, God’s speaking is one, is full of meaning, and […]

the seven Spirits of God in Revelation are for God’s building, for the producing of the New Jerusalem

The last aspect of THE SPIRIT is the seven Spirits – as we see in Rev. 1:4, 4:5, and 5:6, in the book of Revelation the Spirit is “the seven Spirits of God”. This does not mean that there are seven separate Spirits today, but that the one Spirit of God has been intensified sevenfold […]