Being Willing to Take up and Bear the Cross, Realizing that it is the Will of God

After revealing that He will build His church in Matt. 16, the Lord Jesus continued by exposing the gates of Hades and by giving us the keys to lock these gates: to deny the self, to take up and bear the cross, and to lose the soul life (Matt. 16:24). In digging deeper into God’s word and […]

Satan utilizes Religion to Keep People from Christ and the Church as God’s Will

Today when you talk to others about Christ, they immediately associate this with religion; when you try to explain to them that you’re speaking of a living Person who is now the Spirit, they think you’re a religious person trying to get them into religion. Religion is something formed by the human mind under the […]

Jesus Christ Gave Himself for our Sins to Rescue us out of the Present Evil Age

This week we come to a wonderful yet sobering conclusion of the crucial points of the major items of the Lord’s recovery. We enjoyed many crucial matters related to the economy of God, the Triune God, the all-inclusive Christ, the consummated Spirit, the eternal life, the recovery of the church, the oneness of the Body […]

We Need to See God’s Will and Satan’s Strategy, and Actively Choose the Will of God

In this universe there’s a warfare going on, since there are three wills: the divine will (God’s will), the satanic will (Satan’s will), and the human will, and the satanic will is always opposite and against the divine will. In eternity past there used to be only one will: God’s will. But Lucifer, who was […]

Seeing and Being in the Great Wheel of the Move of God’s Economy (Ezekiel 1)

In this universe there is such a thing as the will of God, and what God desires to do is not necessarily related to matters related to our personal benefit and comfort. In His will, God wants to become the life, content, and everything to His people so that He may be expressed corporately through […]

what is God’s will for us as young adults? God’s will is One Person, One Way, and One Goal!

We recently enjoyed a sharing by brother Ron regarding God’s will – as young adults and as ones who are pursuing the Lord, we many times ask ourselves, we ask others, and we ask the Lord, What is God’s will for me? Usually we relate God’s will for ourselves – what is God’s will for […]

What is God’s will for us? How can we be one with His will for us?(conference in Paris May 2011)

Praise the Lord, I was encouraged in the recent conference we had in Paris that our God has His own will! Sometimes we are following our natural concept and thinking and ask ourselves, What’s the will of God for me? What is God’s will for my life? What does God want me to do? The answer […]