The Pattern of Samuel, a Man according to God’s Heart caring for God and His Interest

Our work, our behavior, and our person as God’s people must match the church as the house of God, according to His design and pattern (see Ezek. 43:10-12). God is measuring us not merely by our works or words but according to His house, according to the pattern that He presented in the Bible of […]

Today’s Nazarites Overcome Death and Natural Affection; They Bless Others with God!

Today the Lord needs Nazarites, those who are consecrated to Him for His purpose. All the believers in Christ are His priests, but they have failed Him in accomplishing His purpose. Therefore, God is looking for those who willingly consecrate themselves to Him, separating themselves unto Him and sanctifying themselves for His purpose. These have […]

Living in the Principle of the Nazarite by Overcoming Worldly Enjoyment and Rebellion

We are not our own: we belong to God, He has bought us with the high price of the death of His Son, and now it is an honor and a privilege for us to consecrate ourselves to the Lord to live to Him and no longer to ourselves (2 Cor. 5:15). All those who […]

God Desires that All His People be Nazarites Fully Separated and Sanctified unto God

A consecrated person is a Nazarite, one who voluntarily separates and sanctifies himself unto the Lord for His purpose. God has a provision for those who love Him and want to give themselves to Him for His purpose: even though you may not have been born of Aaron’s family in the tribe of Levi, you […]

Being the Nazarites of Today, the Voluntary Consecrated Ones to God in This Age

Daniel and his companions were absolutely consecrated to God even from their youth, and they separated themselves unto God from an age that followed Satan (see Dan. 1:4-8; 5:12, 22; 6:10). For this reason, God could use them as those who voluntarily consecrated themselves to Him for His move, for Him to turn the age […]

we need to be dependent on the Lord, leaning on Him and consulting Him(2011 Poland camp)

“In Christ we and God, God and we, are built together, meet together, and dwell together. This is the central though of the book of Exodus.” (from the life-study of Exodus). In the young people’s Poland camp this year the messages were on Exodus and the four crucial aspects: salvation, provision, revelation, and building. The […]

being trained to be the 21st century Nazarites today(sharing from the University Training)

Praise the Lord for another year of the University Training in London. This year the brothers felt that it was altogether necessary to join the pre-training with the University Training, therefore, the University Training schedule for the first time was incorporated with the FTTL classes. This really gave the students a sweet foretaste of the […]