God’s Ultimate Move is to have Christ Saturating us and Living in us for the Body

God’s ultimate move today is to carry out His economy concerning Christ and the church, and this is by Christ being in us, filling us, flowing in us, saturating and permeating us, and making us fit to be built up into His Body for His expression. We need to see a vision of the world’s ultimate […]

Coming to Bethel (the Church) a Second Time and Having our Name Changed into Israel

Jacob’s dream in Genesis 28 was a dream of God’s goal, the dream of Bethel, the house of God, which is the church today and which will consummate in the New Jerusalem as the eternal dwelling place of God and His redeemed elect. After he saw this wonderful dream, Jacob went through a lot of […]

Transformation Issues in Building up the Church Consummating in the New Jerusalem

The issue of God’s transforming work is the building up of the church, the Body of Christ, consummating in the New Jerusalem. God doesn’t want to transform us so that we may be “shining gems in the universal spiritual museum”; He wants us as His people to be transformed so that we would be built up […]

Being Transformed into Stones and Pillars Anointed with the Spirit for God’s Building

The most crucial point in the book of Genesis is Jacob’s dream in Gen. 28:10-22, a dream which unveils the most crucial matter in the revelation of God: God desires to have a house on earth composed of the transformed people whom He called and is building up to be His dwelling place. God wants […]

Growing in Life and Being Transformed to Become Precious Materials for God’s Building

God’s purpose to have man as His expression and representation on earth is fulfilled in the way of life. Firstly, God in Christ is the tree of life for man to take in, enjoy, and partake of so that man may have God’s life and may grow in life. Secondly, God in Christ as the […]

The Desperate Need to Grow in Life Unto Maturity for the Building up of the Body

This week in our enjoyment with the Lord in the morning we come to, Growing unto Maturity to Become the New Jerusalem as the Ultimate Consummation of the Church. We have to see that our desperate need today is to grow in life unto maturity for the Body of Christ to be built up. The […]

sharing from the recent conference – Knowing the Crystallized Significance of the Body of Christ

After a wonderful weekend at the International Conference in Holland, the response in my being to the rich speaking we received on ‘Knowing the Crystallized Significance of the Body of Christ’ is a huge and resounding Amen. I quote the speaking brother “Lord, now after a quarter century we are here again“. Not since Stuttgart 1985, […]