Having a Clear Sky by having Thorough Fellowship with the Lord and with the Saints

This week in our morning watch / morning revival time with the Lord we come to the clear sky and the throne above it in Ezekiel 1, which is the highest point in our spiritual experience, referring to our uninterrupted fellowship with the Lord with a clear conscience. Are we satisfied with our spiritual condition? […]

Having an Interwoven Fellowship with God Vertically and with the Saints Horizontally

The fellowship of life has two aspects: the vertical aspect (our fellowship with God as the Spirit) and the horizontal aspect (our fellowship with the fellow brothers and sisters in spirit). The same unique divine fellowship is both vertical and horizontal, and the issue of this fellowship is that we keep the oneness of the […]

The Divine Fellowship is Everything in Our Christian Life and Church Life

The divine fellowship is the flow of the divine life in us, the Triune God as the Spirit flowing in and out of us, and it also is the fellowship in spirit with our fellow believers. The divine life which we have received through regeneration is a fellowship, a flow, and this divine fellowship is […]

Entering into the Two Aspects of the Divine Fellowship by the Two Spirits

We have seen that we can be in the reality of the Body of Christ if we are in the divine fellowship, the flow of the Spirit. But how can we enter in and remain in the divine fellowship? The way for us to enter into the two aspects of the divine fellowship – the […]

Entering Into the Vertical and the Horizontal Aspects of the Fellowship of Life

These coming few weeks we are getting into a very solid topic in our morning watch, The Experience, Growth, and Ministry of Life for the Body. We are the disciples of the Lord Jesus, which means we are continually learning. We need to experience life, grow in life, and minister life for the Body of […]

the experience of the cross deepens both our horizontal and our vertical fellowship in the divine life

These days we are enjoying many portions in the Bible regarding the fellowship of the divine life, which is the fellowship of the Spirit, the fellowship of the apostles, and the fellowship in spirit. This fellowship has two aspects: the horizontal aspect (between us and the other believers) and the vertical aspect (between us and the Triune […]

our horizontal fellowship with other believers depends on our vertical fellowship with the Lord!

We have seen previously that once we were regenerated, we received the divine life – and this life brings us into the fellowship of life, the fellowship of the apostles, the fellowship of the Spirit, which is the unique fellowship in the Body of Christ. On the one hand, we have fellowship with the apostles […]