Paying more Attention to Life than to Work and Seeing how Paul was a Pattern in Shepherding

The Lord Jesus in His heavenly ministry is the Great Shepherd, the Shepherd of our souls, and in Acts 20 and 1 Thes. 2 we also see that Paul was a pattern of cooperating with Christ’s heavenly ministry to shepherd people for the building up of the Body of Christ. This week in our morning […]

We need to See a Vision of the World’s Ultimate Situation and God’s Ultimate Move

As believers in Christ living in the last days of this age, we need to see a vision of the world’s ultimate situation, God’s ultimate move, and the Lord’s ultimate recovery. It may seem that this series of blog posts are not focused on “spiritual matters” but they touch a lot of historical and outward […]

The Events of World History are Sovereignly Arranged by God for Him to Fulfill His Purpose

The events of world history have been sovereignly arranged by God for Him to carry out His purpose; therefore, in order for us to have the proper church life, we must know the world situation and be one with the Lord in His move. Throughout the Bible we can see the divine history within the […]

Knowing the Present Truth and not being Castaways of the Present Truth in this Age

Since our God is moving, we as His people need to cooperate with Him to carry out His move in His economy first by knowing this age and then by knowing the present truth so that we may know where we are, what age we live in, what is the up-to-date present truth, and how […]

Knowing God’s Ways by Knowing the Principles by Which He Does things and Deals with us

Moses’ prayer in Exo. 33:13 should also be our prayer, “Please let me know Your ways”, so that we may be those knowing God’s ways and thus know God Himself. Moses was respectfully asking God to let him know God’s ways so that he may be pleasing to Him; he was not begging nor religious, […]

Taking Christ as Life and Living the Body Life for God to Gain a Shining Testimony

The book of Acts speaks of the propagation of the resurrected Christ in His ascension, by the Spirit, through the disciples, for the producing of the churches – the kingdom of God, which are the Body of Christ, the corporate vessel of God on earth. The book of Acts is unique in that it is […]

Being One with God’s Work in the Divine Stream Today for the Increase of Christ

Today in our morning revival we start a new topic, The Increase of Christ for the Building up of the Church (based on the 2016 Memorial day Conference). In our Christian life we need to be hungry for more of God, hungry for more of what He has to say to us, and poor in […]