Denying the Self by being Dependent on God and on the Body of Christ in Experience

Because the self is the soul declaring independence from God, the self is the greatest problem and frustration to the building up of the Body; we need to be those are dependent on God and on the Body, rejecting ourselves and denying the self for the building up of the church. The origin of the self […]

for the Body to be built up the self needs to be dealt with by the cross

We need to take the lead to know the Body of Christ (of which we are members) and to keep every principle of the Body. The first principle of the Body is the oneness – we need to KEEP the oneness of the Body at any cost. Then, we need to see that the Body […]

the Lord Jesus regards our dependence on Him and not what we can do for Him in our self

The word of the Lord Jesus in Matt. 7:21-23 is very sobering and exposing – many people do works of power in His name, cast out demons in His name, prophesied in His name, but the Lord does not recognize them or know them… We can do a lot of good and great things for the Lord – even miraculous things, with the help of the power of God – but if we do things independently of the Lord, He does not approve or recognize it. How much we need the Lord to shine on us and expose our self in all its good or bad intentions and doings, so that we may deny our self and exercise our spirit to be one with the Lord! [continue reading online]

the experience of the cross deepens both our horizontal and our vertical fellowship in the divine life

These days we are enjoying many portions in the Bible regarding the fellowship of the divine life, which is the fellowship of the Spirit, the fellowship of the apostles, and the fellowship in spirit. This fellowship has two aspects: the horizontal aspect (between us and the other believers) and the vertical aspect (between us and the Triune […]

following the Lord Jesus’ pattern to live a life by denying our natural life and live by the divine life

This is our Christian life and our church life – a life in which we daily learn – through many failures and some victories – to deny our natural life and live by the divine life. Once we received the Lord as our Savior and our life, He came into us as Another Life – […]

The self opposes the Body – we need to deny the self and apply the death of Christ by the Spirit to our self!

We have previously seen that the oneness of the Body of Christ is Christ Himself as the Spirit. We need to allow the Lord Jesus to mingle Himself with us – in order that we may be lowly and meek… only the lowly and meek can keep the oneness. Actually, only “the failures” among us […]