We Need to Become Persons with a Vision. How do we Receive a Vision from God?

The Apostle Paul had a vision and lived his life under the heavenly vision. We need to also become persons with a vision, those who see God’s economy concerning Christ and the church, and do everything being governed by this vision. As believers in Christ we are children of God, citizens of the kingdom of […]

Carrying Out the Stewardship of God by Preaching the Gospel and Dispensing Christ

All believers in Christ have been entrusted by God with a stewardship, which is to minister the riches of Christ into others for the building up of the Body of Christ. When we preach the gospel, we carry out the stewardship of God by contacting sinners where they are and ministering God into them (see […]

Seeing What the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is and Choosing the Tree of Life!

In Gen. 2:9 we see that besides the tree of life in the middle of the garden of Eden there’s another tree, the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The tree of life is simple – it gives you life, the divine life, so that you may fulfill God’s purpose. However, the other tree […]

The Church is the Pillar and Base of the Truth, God Manifested in the Flesh

God is a mystery, Christ is the mystery of God, and the church is the mystery of Christ – this means that if we want to know the church, we will be mind-blown since we will get to know a little about the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the […]

The Ministry in the Lord’s Recovery today is the Completing Ministry of Paul

In the New Testament there is such a thing as, “the ministry”, which is unique and at the same time it is corporate, and this ministry has as result the building up of the Body of Christ. Paul realized that God had mercy on him and put him into the ministry, and he speaks of […]

Living a Life of Sacrifice by Experiencing Christ as the Wine-Producing Vine

After seeing our need to know life, grow in life, experience life, and minister life, the conclusion is: we need to live a sacrificing life in the Body of Christ, and we need to minister life to the Body for the growth of the Body. The goal of God’s plan and economy is the building […]

Practical Ways to Cooperate with the Lord to Deal with the Passage of the spirit

There is a way to deal with all the impurities and defilement in our being! On the one hand we have Christ in our spirit, and He wants to flow out in a pure way to minister life to others. On the other hand, there are so many problems, defilement, issues, and impurities in our […]