Testimonies from fellow God-men who Love God and Enjoy God!

Testimonies of fellow God-men who Enjoy Christ, Experience Christ, are Blended together, and Overflow with the Riches of Christ.As believers in Christ, we are those who “call on the name of the Lord in every place – who is theirs and ours”. We daily enjoy the Lord and experience Him… On this page we have compiled some of the testimonies that the saints / believers in the Lord had and were posted on this blog. For the sake of “easy to find”, they are listed on this page below. Enjoy reading them and, if you want to share your testimony (your experience of Christ), please send us an email at enjoyingthelord@gmail.com.

European Young People’s Conference in Poland

Every year from 1995 or so the young lovers of Christ get together close to Zakopane to enjoy the Lord and be under His speaking and blending from all over Europe and the Americas. See the details for the conference here, and read some testimonies below:

Winter School of Truth in the UK

At the end of each year there’s the “Winter School of Truth”, a whole week when the young people together with their helpers and serving ones get together to enter into the truth together. There are games, activities, gospel time, morning revival, much enjoyment, many verses memorized, much prayer, lots of snacks, good rest time, lots of fellowship… Read some of the testimonies from the young people and their serving ones after attending the Winter School of Truth.

Testimonies from Christian Students

For a short period of time in our life, we are “students” – studying on the campus for God and His purpose. We are being shaped, formed, trained, and modeled in the secular knowledge so that our vessel would be prepared and our skills would be formed – but not for the world to use and usurp, but for the Lord to use for His economy! Read some of the testimonies of the Christian students who are enjoying the Lord on the campus all around the world.

Full Time Training – Trainees Testimonies

Throughout the ages, many poured out their life upon the Lord Jesus – to those who love Him in such a way, He is altogether worthy of their offering! Today as young people we can consecrate to the Lord two years of our life – at least! – to be trained in the knowledge and enjoyment of the Word, in Christian life, serving in the church life, and in character. Read some of the testimonies of the trainees in the different Full Time Trainings around the world (especially those in FTTL, London).

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Hi there, I am Stefan Misaras, and I live and work in London (UK), meeting with the church in London. I love the Lord Jesus, His Word, the ministry of the age, and the saints. Enjoy the Lord!
PS. My personal website is StefanMisaras.com.
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  • amen…hallelujah…such a great divine arrangement of the LORD…we can enjoy the riches of Christ by going to the online system that is in the world that has been open to all the saints…praise the LORD..for such a FATHER's house…we can always depend on HIM in everything..always on the call to be fully satisfied for the building up of the Body to be shine on the world….

  • Eric wakoli

    hi servant of God, it is of great apleasure to meet you, iam pastor Eric Wakoli from kenya.iam born again by christian faith.ivisted your website and got embraced with your humble services,they real touched my heart together with my church members.due to your strong faith about God whom we serve,i do request your fellowship,rather working under your condusive ministry,i had decided so because your belief agrees with our faith. togetherness will enable your powerful sermon to convert the lost sheep to the right truck,also will enable us share testmonies and challeanges in the ministry.in my ministry i have not get rooted that is why i need your supernatural nourishment through fellowship,prayers and be my spiritual guider/true friend for
    life,i will be glady to hear
    from you soonest.be blessed shalom.