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Testimonies from StudentsAs a student we go to university / college to get more knowledge and be trained / shaped in our mind, way of thinking, and even the way of life. But as students on the campus we study and live a life for God’s purpose! We are daily learning to enjoy the Lord, study together with Him, express Him, and share about Him to our fellow students! Through many failures and defeats, through many experiences of Christ, we learn that we need the Lord and we need the church life while studying! Below are some of the testimonies of the students – living a life for God’s purpose on the campus.

Being a Christian Student on the Campus

Testimonies from the Christian Students

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Hi there, I am Stefan Misaras, and I live and work in London (UK), meeting with the church in London. I love the Lord Jesus, His Word, the ministry of the age, and the saints. Enjoy the Lord!
PS. My personal website is
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  • watson

    Letś turn to God and call His name!

  • Steffen Day

    We need to give up the world completely in order to become proper dispensational instruments!
    We live in the world, but we must learn to not be of this world. All of this world will come to an end some day, and we only have a brief 80-some years in it, after which comes eternity. I enjoyed, from the Poland camp, that our enjoyments in this brief period are nothing compared to the enjoyments we will have in eternity. And so we must flee youthful lusts and pursue righteousness.